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Live Outdoorsy is an outdoors, hiking, and fitness brand focused on CrossFit.  It was created in 2016 in Austin, TX by Nate Alger with a mission to be your go to resource for fitness and the great outdoors with all the best travel tips, hiking spots, and product recommendations..

Nate Alger

These are our passions, so we decided to deliver great content and great products that are based around these things.  We hope that you come to love these things as well!

We strive to make things simple, clear,  and actionable advice on the above topics.  We make recommendations and reviews based on our favorite products and make our recommendations through lots of meta-data analysis and research, actual use on some, and consistent recommendations of others.  

The interests of other brands and companies does not guide our recommendations.  Our goal is to make you better informed about everything you purchase and we seek to provide that information in the clearest and most fun way possible.  

We are a very small operation based out of the great city of  Austin, Texas.​  We love going on great hiking adventures, see the world, and experiencing new cultures.  So much can be learned by living and loving those around us.  

Above all, we feel extremely blessed to be living on this Earth and for that reason have decided to give 25% of all profits to a charitable cause every year. Thank you for supporting us and thanks for checking out our site.

Live Outdoorsy

Recently, we developed a premium Pop-up Tent, ​which is sold on Amazon as we noticed there was a demand for a higher quality changing room tent.  We hope to expand to more product offerings soon. 

Nate Alger | Founder of Live Outdoorsy​

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Nate is avid CrossFitter who loves pushing his body to the max in his attempt to look stronger. He loves toppling outrageous hiking adventures. Some of his most recent excursions include the Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and the Half Dome hike in Yosemite National Park.

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