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5 Best Driving Shoes for Men in 2019 [Long Distances]

Last Updated: September 19th, 2019

Driving long distances can be uncomfortable and tiring.

Having good driving shoes can help you enjoy your time on the road and get you through your travels as comfortable and refreshed as possible.

Below, I list out the 5 best driving shoes for men in 2019. As you would imagine, the shoes are all easy to get on and off, lightweight (often a barefoot feel), and comfortable enough for moderate walking, not just driving.

These shoes won’t slip off your feet and are roomy enough to allow your toes to breathe. Ready for your next road trip? Make sure to grab one of these first!

5 Best Shoes for Driving Long Distances

1) GLOBALWIN Men’s Casual Loafers Lace-Up Classic Driving Boat Shoes

The GLOBALWIN Men’s Boat Shoes are faux leather, slip-on and lightweight.

The shoes are stylish and comfortable, allowing you to feel at ease as you get out of the car while stretching your legs or going to a restaurant.

They have good insoles, but are also removable if you want to use your own orthotics. They are of very high quality yet still reasonably priced.

A few users have found that they wear down quickly and that the back digs into their heels. One last thing to note is that they usually run half a size too big and are often too narrow for people with wider feet.

2) Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Wahoo Slip-On Boat Shoe

You can’t mention good driving shoes without mentioning the popular brand Sperry. I wear Sperry’s just about every day due to their comfortable breathable feel, stylish look, and simple design.

The Sperry Wahoo Boat Shoes have a canvas upper and a rubber sole.

They look nice and are comfortable, especially the foot bed. They are roomy, which can be great for a long drive, but some wearers actually find them too big, particularly in the heel.

They are quite easy to get on and off and most people absolutely love to wear these shoes while driving.

Once you break them in and start to get used to them, I have no doubt you will love Sperry’s as much as I do!

3) Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Faxon Low Sneaker

The Polo Ralph Lauren Sneakers are made of cotton and suede. Most people find these shoes great for trips that also involve lots of walking.

However, some people have reported the sole to be too thin for walking comfortably on rocks, with little arch support so keep that in mind if you are in for a long-distance trip.

I also wouldn’t recommend these if you are up for long periods of standing.

However, when it comes to driving, we found these Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s sneakers to be the most comfortable. They are lightweight and almost give you that barefoot experience.

The biggest complaint about these shoes is the poor quality of their leather laces. If you’re able to overlook this small flaw and want a pair of nice driving shoes at a low price, then I think your search is over.

They are comfortable to wear with or without socks, and if style is important to you, you’ll be glad to know they are available in 12 colors.

4) Rockport Men’s Shakespeare Circle Penny Loafer

For those looking for some comfortable, dressy driving shoes look no further than these. The Rockport Shakespeare Penny Loafers are made of leather and have a relaxed fit to them.

In recent years, Rockport has built up a solid name in the casual and dressy shoes market with their extremely comfortable and often cushiony interiors. Many people swear by them.

Even though I love the Sperry’s, I have come to find the Rockport’s to be fantastically made shoes.

The lining is soft and their rubber soles are lightweight, durable and springy. All of the materials in the shoe flex in all directions, resulting in a short break-in period.

These shoes are good for wide feet and have a large toe box. Keep in mind that they may be too wide if you have normal or narrow feet. They have a low arch, but the insole is removable, which allows you to insert your own orthotic if needed.

These driving shoes look great and fit well for most. They are very comfortable for sitting or driving, but overall not made for walking or physical exercise.

So if you plan to stop and walk a lot on your trip, you should consider other shoes.

5) Toms Men’s Classic Canvas Shoes

Toms have really built up a solid following with their simple, unique and lightweight shoe offering. Even more, they give away a pair of shoes to someone in need for each pair purchased!

It’s hard not to support a company like this.

Let’s look at how their shoes stacked up to the rest of our list though. The Toms Classic Canvas Shoes are made of canvas and are very easy to slip on.

They may be tight at first, but the canvas stretches, resulting in roomy and comfortable shoes.

The stretchy and lightweight design of the shoes make these easily some of the best shoes for driving that we have come across. The breathability of the Toms also makes them ideal for summer road trips.

They are not very rugged and the rubber sole wears down with use, but they are great for casual wear as you go about your travels.

Finally, these Toms are lightweight and can be worn with or without socks. The length is true to size and is quite comfortable for those with wide or narrow feet.

What Are the Best Driving Shoes in 2019?

While driving does not require standing or walking, having comfortable driving shoes is still important to make your road trip as smooth as possible.

Personally, we love the Sperry’s, but ultimately you got to decide what you like best.

best driving shoes for men

When you are looking for good driving shoes, you must make sure they are lightweight, easy to slip on and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

All five of the items featured in our driving shoes review met those standards and are truly our favorites on the market.

They are comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time sitting. In addition, most of them are suitable for walking and can be worn as you travel by air or sea.

Before your next road trip, consider slipping on one of these pairs and you will quickly see why it’s worth it to wear the right shoes!

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Best work shoes
Walking Shoes

The 3 Best Work Shoes for Men & Women in 2019

Finding good work shoes that are both comfortable and dressy can be a challenge, especially if you are on your all day at work.

Having a pair of comfortable, supportive shoes is essential if you want to make it through the workday pain-free and full of vigor.

Below, we have laid out the 3 best work shoes for men.

best work shoes for men

For those ladies out there make sure to scroll down to the section that says, “3 Best Work Shoes for Women.”

If you have had trouble finding a good looking pair at a great price, then look no further than our carefully reviewed list below.

3 Best Work Shoes for Men

1) Clarks Men’s Escalade Step Slip-on Loafer

The Clarks Men’s Escalade Step Slip-on Loafer shoes have leather uppers and good traction, and are also lightweight. They offer a nice look for those that have to look nice at work.

These shoes are suitable for semi-casual to business formal.

They are comfortable and have good cushioning, making them perfect if you are on your feet all day, but some people find them uncomfortable for walking long distances.

If you work around electrical hazards, note that these shoes are rated as electrical hazard safe. Most people found these work shoes durable, but some people thought the quality, especially compared to other Clarks models, was lacking.

Please keep in mind these shoes run a half size big, but are tight for wide shoes.

2) Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Pro Grip Work Shoe

The Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Pro Grip Work Shoes also have leather uppers.  They provide good support if you have a high arch, and they have an air cushion midsole.

Like the Skechers, you can be pain-free even after a full day on your feet.  However, these shoes require a break-in period.

Unless you have wide feet or a high instep, in which case these shoes may be snug, they are likely to be loose except for in the heel.

These light shoes are slip-ons, which is great if you have back pain that makes bending down difficult.

3) Skechers for Work Men’s Rockland Systematic Slip Resistant Lace-Up Shoe

Like the previous shoe, the Skechers for Work Men’s Rockland Systematic Slip Resistant Lace-Up Shoe has a leather upper and is electrical hazard safe.

The slip-resistance is excellent against both water and oil. Workers on a cruise ship and in an auto-repair shop reported being able to work without fear of slipping.

These shoes may not be as comfortable as some other shoes, but they provide great value for money.

Some people, however, find them to be extremely comfortable for standing all day and no longer have tired feet and legs after work.

Furthermore, they are durable, lasting over one year, and look professional. One downside is that they can get hot.

Honorable Mention

Bostonian Men’s Bolton Dress Slip-On

Like some of the other best work shoes in 2019, the Bostonian Men’s Bolton Dress Slip-On has a leather upper and is slip-resistant and light. They can be slippery on ice, however.

Some people find these shoes to be comfortable from the beginning, while others require a break-in period, especially in the heel.

These Bostonians have good cushioning and are comfortable if you stand or walk a lot at work.

The insoles are good and the shoes have a true fit. While not as durable as some other Bostonian models or more expensive shoes, these shoes provide good value for the price.

These work shoes are suitable for both casual or dressy situations.

3 Best Work Shoes for Women

1) Skechers for Work Women’s Soft Stride-Softie Slip Resistant Lace-Up

These are the most durable and comfortable pair of women’s shoes.

The Skechers for Work Women’s Soft Stride-Softie Slip Resistant Lace-Up shoe has a leather upper and good slip-resistance.

These shoes have great cushioning even if you are on concrete all day, whether you are walking or standing.

In addition to the cushioning, the good support leaves wearers without any foot, ankle or back pain.

This is true even for those standing for ten to twelve hours a day and have experienced pain with previous shoes. These shoes also come in a wide fit.

Furthermore, the shoes are durable and last all year long. They may, however, take some time to break in.

2) Skechers for Work Women’s Ghenter Bronaugh Work Shoe

Yet another pair of Skechers work shoes makes our top 3.

Skechers is a favorite of ours due to the comfortability and durability of their shoes. These two qualities alone are crucial to a happy and safe work day.

They come with a slip-resistant outsole and a mesh exterior to keep your feet cool in the hottest of days.

We have found them to be perfect for those on their feet all day and it’s no wonder they have such fantastic reviews on the online marketplace.

With a nice all-black look, you are sure to not only feel good but also look good in this top-of-the-line women’s work shoe.

3) Clarks Women’s Emslie Warren Slip-on Loafer

The last pair from our women’s work shoes review comes from a brand with a good reputation in the dressy category: Clarks.

Unlike the prior two shoes outlined above, this Clarks pair of slip-ons suits a more professional setting where dressing nicely is required.

So, for you ladies out there looking for some nice dress shoes with heels that are also supremely comfortable, look no further!

They feature a heel height of 2.16 inches and a full-grain leather upper to show off your style in the workplace.

The two buttons on the side add a nice luxurious look, while at the same time ensuring a snug fit on the inside.

Above all, we have found these shoes to be extremely comfortable and very popular for women who must dress nicely and are on their feet all day.

These shoes are also perfect for nurses who are often on their feet all day. Ladies in need of a nice look at a great price should look no further than these Clarks Emslie slip-ons.

What’s the Best Work Shoes for You?

Top mens work shoes

Finding work shoes that are both comfortable and dressy can be a daunting task.

It can be even more difficult to acquire such a pair if you need to consider factors such as slip-resistance or electrical hazard safety.

That is why we have put together a guide to the 3 best work shoes for men and women in 2019 to help you in your search.

The work shoes listed above provide a good combination of comfort and dressiness and offer good value for the price. Here’s to working in an enjoyable, pain-free way going forward!

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best shoes for nurses
Walking Shoes

5 Best Shoes for Nurses in 2019

Many nurses suffer from back, foot, knee, and joint pain as a result of all the standing they do on the job. Unlike a desk job, it’s essential that nurses have the right footwear.

For that reason, we have put together a guide to the 5 best shoes for female nurses on their feet all day.

The shoes below combine the best in stability and cushioning; perfect for nurses that work long hours (often 12+ hour shifts at a time!).

5 Best Shoes for Nurses in 2019

1) Dansko Women’s Pro Mule

Dansko makes some of best shoes for nurses to wear as their shoes provide a dressy, yet comfortable design.  The Dansko Women’s Pro Mule shoes comprise leather uppers and synthetic soles.

Operating room nurses love them because in these shoes they are able to stand all day without going home with back pain.

Even people suffering from plantar fasciitis (a form of heel pain) can now go to work and be pain-free at the end of the day. As a further advantage, the shoes are easy to put on.

While comfortable, they can be difficult to break in and are stiff at first.  Furthermore, they run a little narrow.

2) Dansko Women’s Rach Mule

Like the Dansko Women’s Pro Mule, the Rach Mule also has a leather upper.  The footbed is made of molded EVA foam and has a rocker bottom that provides great support.

You do not need to worry about the heel height; the heel is stable and the height helps with back pain.

Also, your feet will no longer hurt after standing all day at work.

On the downside, some people have found the Rach Mules difficult to break in, and others experienced them as being a bit heavy.

Overall, nurses found that these shoes alleviated or eliminated pain they had when wearing other shoes.

3) Klogs USA Women’s Naples Mule

The Klogs USA Women’s Naples Mule are also made of leather.  These shoes have the added advantage of being slip-resistant under both wet and oily conditions.

The elevated platform has some give, making these shoes feel extremely cushiony.  They are ideal if you have a mid or high arch.

After being on their feet for over twelve hours, nurses experienced no foot, leg or back pain.

One perhaps negative attribute about these shoes is that several people found that they wore down quickly.

4) Skechers for Work Women’s Eldred Slip Resistant Shoe

The Skechers for Work Women’s Eldred shoes are also ideal if your job involves standing on wet or oily surfaces. The memory foam-topped insoles provide great comfort.

However, if you are looking for shoes in which you can insert your own orthotics, these may not be for you as the shoes are not deep enough to accommodate them.

Women who suffered from metatarsalgia (pain at the ball of the foot) and joint problems found that these shoes relieved her problems without using her own orthotics.

They are comfortable if you are on your feet all day. Wearers have experienced no back pain with these shoes.

Finally, these good nursing shoes are non-slip and prevent water from entering the shoe, leaving your feet dry.

5) Skechers Sport Women’s D’Lites Memory Foam Lace-up Sneaker

The Skechers Sport Women’s D’Lites have a thick memory foam insole which provides great shock absorption.

The padded tongue offers extra comfort.  While not ideal for overpronators (when the arch of your foot stretches inward too much), they work well for those with a high arch.

Even after walking a lot, users did not experience ankle pain, shin splits or plantar fasciitis, which plagued them with other shoes.

The insoles are comfortable and provide good support but they are not removable, so if you need to wear custom orthotics, these are not the shoes for you.

However, the wide fit makes these shoes comfortable if you suffer from bunions. The thick cushioning makes it comfortable to work in even if you are standing on concrete floors all day.

You don’t need to break them in, but some people found they fell apart quickly. Others thought they did not breathe well, but the extreme cushioning and comfort made up for it.

Summing It Up| What Are the Best Shoes for Nurses?

top nursing shoes

We summarized our 5 best shoes for nurses above. Ultimately the decision is yours.

We tried to provide a nice variety and option for each type of foot.

From narrow to wide feet, a range of arch heights, and ultimately a design that you can be proud of. That being said, comfort and support always come first!

The summary should help you choose your ideal nursing shoe for 2019, making your worklife more comfortable and pain-free as you put in those long hours.

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Best Asics Walking Shoes
Walking Shoes

5 Best ASICS Walking Shoes for Men & Women

In the world of athletic footwear, very few companies carry the same reputation in the walking specialization as ASICS.

Founded in 1949, the company has grown beyond anything they could have imagined. It is now one of the premier suppliers of great walking shoes.

ASICS walking shoes are a no-brainer when it comes to choosing new walking shoes.Top Asics walking shoes

Why do we say that? For one, their DuoMax support system emphasizes the center of the shoe, which provides enhanced support throughout.

We’ve done the work and reviewed the best ASICS walking shoes on the market today. We’ve put together a diverse list that is sure to move you one step closer to some long-lasting, pain-free walking shoes.

Top 5 Asics Walking Shoes

1. ASICS GEL-Tech Neo 4 Walking Shoe [Men’s & Women’s Styles]

When it comes to walking, nothing is more frustrating than foot pain. That can really take the energy out of your daily walks.

Thankfully, the people at ASICS know what they’re doing when it comes to crafting a high-quality pair of walkers.

The ASICS GEL-Tech Neo 4 Walking Shoe is designed to provide maximum comfort for those experiencing foot pain.

The improved upper mesh allows for more room to breathe, and an ortholite sock liner focuses on providing internal comfort. With the DuoMax and Trusstic technologies, these shoes are perfect for supporting weak ankles and for stabilizing every step you take.

These shoes are focused on comfort and they feel great the moment you put them on.

While a little on the pricey side, these shoes are well worth your investment. You can count on them to last a while, as we have found them to hold up quite well over time.

2. ASICS GEL-190 TR Cross-Training Shoe [Men’s & Women’s Styles]

If you’re on a tight budget, the GEL-190 TR Cross-Training shoes just might be the perfect choice for you.

Although labeled as a cross-training shoe, we were able to check off all the boxes of features that you typically look for in a walking shoe.

While not as comfortable or flashy as a few others on the list, ASICS proves they can deliver on a functional shoe for those on a budget. It features the DuoMax technology that provides maximum support where you need it most, your feet!

The Rearfoot Cushioning System helps mitigate any pain that might come from repeated movement, which allows you to keep going longer without noticing any sort of pain in your feet.

If you do aerobics classes like Zumba or Step, these shoes will be a smart purchase for you. As a cross-training shoe, they perfectly serve the many different lateral movements that are a part of dancing or exercising.

Whether you go dancing or you just like to go on long walks, these shoes will provide ample support for your ankles.

3. ASICS GEL-Quickwalk 3 Walking Shoe [Men’s & Women’s Styles]

One of ASICS’ premier choices, the GEL-Quickwalk 3 is the latest iteration in the Quickwalk series. Without a doubt, it is by far the best they have come out with.

These ASICS walking shoes focus on providing support and pain relief where you need it most.

The Rearfoot Cushioning System provides maximum comfort, while the AHAR Outsole (ASICS High Abrasion Rubber) provides the wearer with a shoe that will last a long time.

If you don’t struggle with foot or ankle pain, the GEL-Quickwalk 3 is a perfect choice for your walking needs. It’s a standard, no frills walking shoe.

If you are looking for a premium ASICS walking shoe, I am sure you will like this pair.

4. ASICS GEL-Foundation Workplace Walking Shoe [Men’s & Women’s Styles]

Do you find yourself working in an environment with slippery floors, such as a kitchen?

If so, the GEL-Foundation Workplace walking shoes are an ideal choice for you.

ASICS is known for providing shoes that are durable and comfy to slip on. Of course, the ASICS Gel-Foundations are no different.

They also feature the classic DuoMax support system and slip-resistant outsoles.

If you spend a lot of time on your feet, especially working in a kitchen, then I think these shoes might be just what the doctor ordered.

The longer shifts will become much more bearable, and your feet will be forever grateful. So, if you like the ASICS brand and do a lot of standing on the job, make sure you pick up a pair.

5. ASICS GEL-Quickwalk 2 Walking Shoe [Men’s & Women’s Styles]

Arguably ASICS’ premier series, the Quickwalk makes its second appearance on this list with the ASICS GEL-Quickwalk 2 Walking Shoes.

Similar to the updated version listed above, the Quickwalk 2 provides its user with a cushioning system to assure the most comfort imaginable. Once again, they feature a High Abrasion Rubber, which gives these shoes a level of durability that is seemingly unmatched.

It’s a shoe that provides a ton of comfort and has proven to be extremely durable.

If you want to save a few dollars on some good ASICS walking shoes, then I recommend that you check out the Quickwalk 2’s. They are the perfect mid-range shoe that emphasizes comfort above all else at a low affordable price.

What Are the Best ASICS Walking Shoes for You?Best Womens walking shoes 2017

Your feet are the foundation for your whole body, so it’s important that you get it right!

If you’re looking to make a worthy investment in your fitness and health (and in preventing long-term injury), a pair of ASICS walking shoes is a good place to start. Our ASICS walking shoes review lays out the top ASICS walking shoes you can buy.

Whether you’re looking for some shoes for your morning walk, a Zumba class, or even a 12-hour shift in the kitchen, we’ve got you covered.

We hope you have found our review useful. Let us know what your favorite ASICS are.

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Best Nike Walking Shoes for Women
Walking Shoes

5 Best Nike Walking Shoes for Women

Last Updated: September 19th, 2018.

We love Nike shoes! If you haven’t noticed, it’s the go-to brand for just about anything athletic. That’s why we created this guide of the 5 best Nike walking shoes for women.

Heels are great, but they are not always the most practical. Some of us have some serious walking to do, and basic flats just aren’t going to cut it.

Walking shoes don’t have to be ugly or frumpy. Nike has a huge selection of high-quality women’s walking shoes to choose from, and we’ve compiled a list of the five best rated below.

Top 5 Nike Women’s Walking Shoes

1. Nike Women’s Free 5.0 Tr Fit 5 Prt Training Shoe

The Nike Free series have long been well established as the premier athletic shoes on the market today.

The latest Nike Women’s Free 5.0 is no exception. These performance training shoes are extremely versatile for whatever activity you choose to use these for.

They have a breathable mesh upper, molded foam around the heel, and, of course, the iconic Nike Free platform. Light materials and the expertly designed Flywire technology make this shoe flexible and comfortable to wear. The mesh uppers are great for aerating your feet while walking.

We found that the Nike Free 5.0 Training Shoe is ideal for lots of city walking and fast-moving indoor workouts like CrossFit or Zumba.

You will need to break these in a bit, but once you do, the toe box stretches out, and you will notice how the shoe starts to conform to the shape of your feet.

If you value style and design heavily, then I have good news for you. Nike features an array of great colors and designs to choose from. Check out the latest prices and designs with the button below.

2. Nike Women’s Flex Experience Rn 4 Premium Running Shoe

If all you want is a nice, durable walking shoe with the classic Nike design, the Nike Women’s Flex Experience Running 4 is just what you are looking for.

These shoes are lightweight with a single-layer mesh upper and an adaptive mid-foot strap for added support.

Plus, they’re made with extra rubber in the high-wear areas of the outsole to ensure that you can use them for years to come.

If you do a lot of cross-country running or other outdoor activities, you might want these shoes in a darker color to better hide dirt, like the Flex Experience Running 4 in Black with Crimson accent colors.

Personally, I don’t think you will ever get tired of wearing these, as Nike truly values the comfort of the wearer.

3. Nike Women’s Sideline III Insert Training Shoe

Yes, professional cheer shoes are a thing! Although originally designed for cheerleading, the Nike Sideline III’s are great candidates for your next walking shoes.

The synthetic leather uppers create a sleek look with mesh holes on both sides for breathability. The phylon midsoles offer additional cushioning, and the flex grooves in the shoe’s design promote natural motion.

Keep in mind, cheerleading shoes are intended to fit snug and will stretch significantly to fit your feet with additional wear.

Plus, if you want a splash of color, you can change the color of your Nike swoosh by swapping out removable color cards that come in the box.

However, if you are a fan of the minimalist style, then these are shoes for you.

4. Nike Women’s AF1 Flyknit Low Casual Shoe

The timeless Nike AirForce 1 shoe now comes with a fresh Flyknit upper—which means it breaths easier and weighs 50% less!

The leather heel tab and tongue on top of large rubber soles keep these casual walking shoes true to the AF1 aesthetic.

Low cut and casual, these sneakers come knit in white, black, turquoise, and royal blue with black and pink accents. They are machine washable, but I wouldn’t recommend wearing them to the gym or on off-road adventures!

The Flyknit women’s AF1s are super comfortable and great for casual daily walks. For more intensive walking, we recommend something slightly more lightweight, like the Nike Frees outlined above.

5. Nike Women’s Darwin Casual Shoe

Nike’s new Women’s Darwin Casual Shoe has a silhouette inspired by the Nike Presto and a heel harness similar to the Presto. The Flywire lacing is easy on the eyes and carries a smooth, finished look.

These shoes are not intended to be a workout shoe, but the mesh upper and injected insole for light-weight cushioning create seamless comfort without sacrificing support.

That’s one of the main reasons we’ve listed it as one of the best women’s Nike shoes for walking.

You’ll have no problem staying comfortable all day long while turning heads in with these casual walking shoes.

What’s the Best Nike Walking Shoes for You?

Brooks walking shoes for women

We hope you found our women’s Nike walking shoes review useful. Nike makes shoes to fit any lifestyle or budget. You don’t have to compromise comfort for looks when it comes to Nike walking shoes.

The next time you’re hunting for comfortable, supportive walking shoes, check here to see which shoe is most appealing. The R&D and design team for Nike always deliver cutting-edge styles with the latest and greatest technology.

It’s like switching from Dell computers to Apple. [No offense to Dell users (that includes myself)].

Now it’s your turn. What are your favorite Nike shoes?

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best shoes for heel spurs
Walking Shoes

5 Best Shoes for Heel Spurs

Last Updated: September 19th, 2018

Foot pain is an ailment that many people suffer from. Unfortunately, the discomfort that the pain causes can easily make walking around feeling like a chore.

One of the most common foot problems experienced is a heel spur. A heel spur is a calcium deposit that causes a protrusion of the heel bone.

Most of the time, heel spurs are associated with a condition called “plantar fasciitis,” which is an inflammation of the tissue on the bottom of the foot where the heel bone connects to the ball joint.

heel spurs shoes review

Athletes whose sport includes a lot of running and jumping are prime candidates to suffer from heel spurs. This means that, fearing pain afterward, they don’t work out as hard or as often as they want to.

But the good news is, there are many shoes on the market that are designed to help bring relief from heel spurs, while providing all-day comfort at the same time.

What are five of the top shoes that will help alleviate heel spur pain?

5 Best Shoes for Heel Spurs

1. Brooks Addiction Walker Walking Shoes [Men/Women Styles]

The Brooks Addiction Walker Walking Shoes provide ample support for low arches and are comfortable and durable enough to walk around in all day. They have a casual, yet contemporary design, making them stylish enough for any occasion.

These shoes are made of leather with a synthetic sole, and they come with a removable sock liner for your added convenience. They additionally feature Hydroflow technology, which aids in shock absorption while you walk around.

A wedge support around the heels helps to more evenly distribute weight to the balls of the feet, making these shoes great for those who want better arch support and need to take pressure off their heels.

Plus, the wide toe box area gives you all the room your toes need to feel comfortable and not squeezed.

Finally, these are the best shoes for plantar fasciitis of all five options that we reviewed.

2. Rockport Eureka Walking Shoes [Men Only]

Made from leather, the Rockport Eureka Walking Shoes combines good looks with comfort in one package. The shoes are specially built to cushion your foot, so you’ll experience less foot fatigue throughout the day.

These shoes provide superior heel stability with thick padding on the collar and tongue, while also featuring a breathable mesh lining that easily wicks away moisture. A removable insole and a rubber bottom sole additionally provide extra foot support.

The Rockport Men’s Eureka walking shoes also come in a wide size, so they are ideal if you have wide feet. Heel spur pain is also better controlled with these shoes because they have good arch and heel support.

3. Adidas NEO Cloudfoam VS City Shoes [Men/Women Styles]

A lightweight athletic sneaker that looks just like a classic running shoe, the Adidas NEO Men’s Cloudfoam VS City Shoes feature breathable mesh and an outsole that grips the ground well while you walk or run. These shoes also have a cloudfoam footbed to provide extra cushioning, making them great for everyday use.

Other features include a soft plush tongue and collar and a cloudfoam sock liner for superior comfort.

They are great for running and walking, and they will fit you well if you have high arches. The shoes are also comfortable enough to wear all day at work, especially if you are standing on the job for many hours at a time.

As an added bonus, they come in several color combinations, such as red, white, and blue. Now that’s what I call patriotic!

4. Skechers Performance Go Walk 4 Incredible Walking Shoe [Men/Women Styles]

The Skechers Performance Go Walk 4 Incredible Walking Shoes are extremely lightweight with a soft fabric lining and breathable upper mesh to help wick away moisture. The memory foam interior gives you great arch support and makes you feel like you are walking on air.

These shoes also have a soft insole that will provide you with extra comfort in the heel area. You will find exceptional cushioning in the sole of the shoe. One other thing to note is, if you have wide feet, these shoes are the real deal.

Finally, these Skechers easily slip onto your feet since you don’t have to bend down and tie laces. If you are looking for some good shoes for heel spurs, then look no further than the Skechers Performance Go Walk 4s.

5. Adidas NEO Lite Racer W Casual Sneaker [Men/Women Styles]

The Adidas NEO Lite Racer shoes are lightweight, weighing in at only ten ounces.

Made from rebound foam, these shoes conform to your feet as efficiently as a custom-made shoe. Plus, they have a soft mesh, which gives the shoes exceptional breathability while making them stretchy and easy to put on.

Other features include a removable cushioned insole and a rubber outsole for extra durability.

If you are looking for a shoe that will be comfortable all day long for standing or for running errands, then these Adidas shoes will easily fulfill your desires.

Wrapping it Up: What Are the Best Shoes for Heel Spurs?

Heel spurs don’t have to be an incredible pain when you wear the right shoes. They might not fix the issue entirely, but at least they will lighten the load!

Thankfully, you have several types of shoes to choose from that are designed not only to help you feel better but also to allow you to tackle your daily routine without worrying about throbbing pain.

Personally, we love the Brooks Addiction Walking shoes in terms of comfort and durability for those serious walkers out there. However, if you are looking for a more casual shoe, go with the Rockport Eurekas or the stylish Adidas Neo Walk Racer casual shoes.

Make the decision today to invest in your health. Isn’t it time you got some shoes that were pain-free?

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Brooks Walking Shoes Review
Walking Shoes

Brooks Walking Shoes Review Guide in 2019

If you are an avid or even just a casual walker, you know that having the right pair of shoes is priceless. Walking in shoes that are not right for your feet can result in unnecessary pain and make it harder to get up and get walking again.

When choosing a walking shoe, you must consider a variety of factors such as whether you are an underpronator, overpronator or neutral, the level of cushioning, arch height, breathability, and stability.

Finding a shoe with the right combination of factors for you will enable you to go outside for a walk and come back pain-free. Below is a guide to both the best of the best men’s and women’s Brooks walking shoes that are currently on the market.

Note for Women: Skip down to the section that says: 3 Best Brooks Walking Shoes for Women.

3 Best Brooks Walking Shoes for Men

brooks walking shoes for men

1) Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker V-Strap Walking Shoes

The Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker V-Strap shoes are made of leather and have progressive protonation control. The removable insole makes these shoes adaptable to custom orthotics.  If you have arthritis, these may be the ideal shoes for you.

In addition to being comfortable for sufferers of arthritis in the toes, knees and hips, the hook and loop closures make these shoes easy to get on and off even with arthritic fingers.

The shoes are comfortable, supportive and durable and are good for walking, running or lounging. You will even be able to walk on hard surfaces such as concrete for hours without experiencing pain.

2) Brooks Men’s Ravenna 7

The Brooks Men’s Ravenna 7 shoes are designed for mild overpronators and have a 10 mm heel-to-toe offset. The shoes comprise a mesh upper and are moisture wicking, providing good breathability for walking on hot days.

The shoes are sturdy yet lightweight. Wearers find these shoes to be cushiony and supportive of both high and low arches. In fact, the shoes are so comfortable that several wearers said they did not need to use their custom orthotics with these shoes.

People who experienced foot and toe pain with other walking shoes were able to go for walks in these without any pain. If you are looking for a shoe that can also double as a running shoe, then these might be perfect for you.

3) Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 16

The Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 16 walking shoes are designed for overpronators and have a 12-mm heel-to-toe offset. These stability shoes have a mesh upper.

They are soft and comfortable, making them good for those who suffer from foot or knee pain. They provide great support and give you a spring in your step.

On the downside, they are not as durable as other models, although someone did report that they held up well after one year of everyday use. They are also less flexible than previous versions and are a little on the heavy side.

3 Best Brooks Walking Shoes for Women

Brooks walking shoes for women

1) Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 16

The Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 16 walking shoes are stability shoes designed for overpronators and have a 12 mm heel-to-toe differential.  The shoes have good cushioning, making them ideal for tar road walkers.

Furthermore, the shoes have a mesh upper and are breathable and moisture wicking, making them ideal for walking in hot weather. They have a good level of support and allow people with flat feet to walk pain-free.

These supportive shoes also help people who suffer from plantar fasciitis (a form of heel pain) and hip pain. The Adrenaline GTS 16 has a removable foam insole and accommodates custom orthotics. These shoes do take some time to break in, however.

If you are looking for running shoes, you should look at other models, as some people experienced foot pain after running in these.

2) Brooks Women’s Ghost 10

The Brooks Women’s Ghost 10 shoes are designed for neutral to underpronators and for mid to high arches. They have a mesh upper and a 12 mm heel-to-toe offset.

The removable foam insole makes them suitable for custom orthotics. Those with bunions find these to be comfortable walking shoes due to their wide fit. They also provide good support for those with flat feet. If you haven’t been able to go for walks or to the gym due to pain, these shoes may help you to get moving again.

Someone who suffers from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, bursitis and toe pain was finally able to go to the gym again after a month-long pause once they started wearing the Ghost 8 shoes.

Likewise, others are now pain-free with these shoes, whereas before they experienced foot pain when wearing other shoes. The Brooks Women’s Ghost 8 is versatile and suited to walkers, long-distance runners or sprinters.

3) Brooks Women’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

The Brooks Women’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes are good for underpronators and provide good support for low arches or flat feet. They have a cushioned removable insole and offer good shock absorption.

Marathon runners recommend these shoes for those who want to do a lot of outdoor walking. Their good support and cushioning help to decrease foot, leg and knee pain, whether walking or standing.

The Addiction Walkers run smaller than other Brooks models and require an initial break-in period.

What’s the Best Brooks Walking Shoes for You?

If you are looking for new walking shoes, you may want to consider the men’s and women’s Brooks walking shoes summarized above.

Brooks shoes are often recommended by podiatrists as some of the best walking shoes on the market, especially for those who suffer from foot, knee or back pain.

The above summary should help you determine which pair of shoes will be best for your foot type, your level of pain, and whether you just want walking shoes or shoes that can also double as running shoes.

When considering which shoe to buy, you should consider what balance of stability, weight and cushioning you want.

That being said, all of the shoes above have good cushioning and support and alleviate the pain some people experienced with other shoes.

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Best things to do in Colombia

7 Best Things to Do in Colombia [Traveler’s Guide]

If you are a world traveler and have yet to visit the northernmost region of South America than you are missing out! Colombia is the place I have called home the last 6 months and have fallen in love with it and the wonderful people that live here.

Colombia may have disappeared as a top tourist destination in the past few decades due to guerilla violence but in recent years, with beefed-up security and recent peace agreements, I have noticed Colombia is a very safe country to travel to.

I have never really felt threatened here.

Colombia has much to offer visitors, whether you are looking to see World Heritage Sites, visit the Amazon rainforest, head to the beach, go hiking in the lost city or stroll through the old Spanish fort.

Below you will find 7 of the best things to do in Colombia.

Top 7 Things To Do In Colombia

1) Eje Cafetero

Top Places to go in Colombia

If you are a coffee aficionado, then you can’t miss Eje Cafetero. Eje Cafetero is just outside of Medellin in the region of Antioquia and is Colombia’s biggest coffee producer.

Here you will be able to participate in coffee tastings, go on tours of coffee farms to learn how coffee is grown and turned into the bean you buy at the store.

If you visit a local coffee farm you will notice that many of them are organic.

We went on one these coffee tastings and had the opportunity to see the entire process of cultivating and making coffee from start to finish.

All in all, it was a delicious tasting.

Coffee Tasting

Salento is a good base town from which you can book tours. From Salento, you can take a short car ride to the Cocora Valley, which has the world’s tallest palm trees.

It was truly a fantastic sight to see as we went on horseback rides in and around the valley. It was picturesque.

Salento is easily one of the most-traveled spots in Colombia and for good reason!

2) Cartagena

Best things in Cartagena

Cartagena is probably my top-recommended tourist destination for anyone coming to Colombia for the first time.

There is so much to see in terms of history and style and plenty of relaxation to be done with nearby crystal clear beaches (Playa Blanca) in surrounding islands.

You can see it all whether you are looking for the beach or the old city square.

Located on the Caribbean coast, Cartagena was the first Spanish settlement in Colombia. Its well-preserved old town called Ciudad Amurallada (Walled City) is a World Heritage Site.

Just walking through the town square and grabbing a bite to eat or a beverage is a magical experience engaging the senses.

In the old town, you should visit Plaza Trinidad, which is the oldest part of the quarter and boasts many local restaurants. For a more modern feel, visit Bocagrande, the new part of Cartagena.

Castillo San Felipe de Barajas

Finally, one of my favorite things to do in Cartagena is to visit the old Spanish fort that the Spaniards used to fend off the invading British navy.

It was a fantastic experience walking in and out of the interior tunnels of the fort and see the base up close and personal.

Also, it came with a spectacular view of the city and water.

3) Leticia

Leticia in Colombia

If you are up for an Amazonian adventure, Leticia is your Colombian base town.

Since it is deep in the rainforest it is only accessible by plane from Bogotá. From Leticia, you can go on hikes or safaris or take an eco-tour and learn about the indigenous tribes in the region.

You can travel from here by boat to Manaus, Brazil or Iquitos, Peru.

If you love the jungle and want to get a full experience, make sure you head hear to Leticia for a marvelous experience.

Just don't forget the bug spray!

visiting Colombia rainforest

This is on my "places to visit" list but unfortunately, I still have not made my way to the Amazonian rainforest just yet.

4) Tayrona National Park

Things to see in Colombia

The best thing to do in Santa Marta is to take a short trip to the Tayrona National Park located on the Caribbean coast just outside of the city. 

The spectacular park boasts multiple beautiful beaches, palm-shaded coves, and a lagoon called La Piscina. In La Piscina, you can go snorkeling in a protected swimming area near a natural reef and view marine animals such as lobsters and rays.

Visiting Parque Tayrona

If you want to go hiking, there are sandy hiking trails or you can take a day trip to the nearby rainforest in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains.

We just got back from Parque Tayrona and were blown away by the beauty all around us – it was like hiking in the rainforest with the Atlantic coast next to you.

We took a short day trip that brought us to various beaches and a guided half-day hike. Don’t worry, we had plenty of time to relax by the beach and enjoy a beverage.

You can also stay overnight at the park in cabins, tents or even a hotel if that’s your preference. To avoid the crowds, visit in the low season from February to November.

5) Ciudad Perdida

Ciudad perdida

Have you ever wanted to visit the lost city? Well, now you can in Colombia!

Ciudad Perdida, also known as the Lost City of Teyune, is located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains.

Basically, it’s Colombia’s version of the Inka Trail in Peru. If you are an extreme adventurer and love the long backpacking trips, then this is the trip for you!

Lost City of Colombia

It is one of the largest pre-Colombian settlements in the Americas, but just like Machu Picchu it was only recently discovered. 

It was rediscovered only in the 1970s.

Many of the stone circular terraces left from its 8th to 14th century inhabitants still exist. It was left by the Tayrona Indians, which had since been overgrown by jungle.

For those wanting the full experience, make sure to go on the intense four-day 44-kilometer hike.

They will set you up with a whole crew of porters and cooks to make sure your exhausting hike is a good one.  One thing to keep in mind is that you must book a tour to visit this great park.

Finally, since the Ciudad Perdida has not yet built up the reputation of Machu Picchu, you can do the backpacking trip from considerably less money and at the same time not be around the massive crowds that I experienced in Machu Picchu.

6) Caño Cristales

Top things to do in Colombia

Caño Cristales is one of the most beautiful destinations in all of Colombia.

It is known as the Liquid Rainbow or the River of Five Colors due to the plants, rocks, sand and algae in the river that make it appear black, white, green, yellow and a vibrant red.

It’s truly spectacular to see. I’d be surprised if you haven’t seen pictures of it yet.

Places in Colombia

To enjoy the colors to their fullest, visit in July to November when there is an algal bloom.

In Caño Cristales, you can enjoy hiking along the river canyon, the waterfall called Los Cuarzos and natural swimming pools.

To reach Caño Cristales, go to La Macarena, which can be reached by plane from Bogotá or Villacencio.

Trust me it is worth the journey.

7) Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá

Best things in Colombia

Finally, rounding out our list of the best places to visit in Colombia is none other than the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá.  It is a legendary tourist spot that Colombians and extranjeros rave about.

Zipaquirá is the salt-mining capital of Colombia. Located in one of its disused mines is the Salt Cathedral of Zipaquirá, which is constructed almost entirely of salt.

This salt mine was built 200 meters underground! That’s over 2 football fields in depth for those not well-versed in distances.

In addition to being a popular tourist attraction, it hosts a congregation of around 3,000 people every Sunday.

Around the cathedral is a Salt Park, where you can see mine landmarks and visit the Brine Museum to learn about the salt industry.

If you want to see a glimpse of Colombia’s most beautiful artistry, this might be just the place for you.

Salt Cathedral

Summing It Up   

where to go in Colombia

Colombia is a remarkable place in so many ways.  It is a country I have come to love as the people are extremely humble and kind and filled with lots of joy.

Are you thinking I am making that up? A recent poll rated Colombia the happiest country in the world as 87% of Colombians said they are happy. 

Beyond the wonderful people, it is a country filled with fascinating history, culture and of course natural attractions.

We have listed seven of the best things to do in Colombia and each one has its own special treasure. If you have been considering visiting Colombia but have been unsure of where to go or uncertain about safety, use this list as your impetus to go.

Do you have any questions about Colombia? Feel free to leave a comment below and I will make sure to get back to you.

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Best Kitchen Shoes
Walking Shoes

Best Kitchen Shoes for Chefs and Cooks in 2019

Last updated: October 25th, 2019.

Thе jоb оf a chef or a kitchen worker can be extremely taxing on your body.

The demands of the job can keep you on your fееt for hours on end, ѕоmеtіmеѕ fоr 12 hоurѕ оr more!  Does this apply to you?

Unlike a typical office worker who spends most of their day sitting, wеаrіng thе соrrесt fооtwеаr when you’re a chef or kitchen worker is vіtаl to your overall health.Best shoes for kitchen workers

Not doing so саn lеаd tо foot, knee, or back рrоblеmѕ down the road (if they haven’t already started).

Not оnlу are chefs оn thеіr fееt for thе mаjоrіtу оf thеіr ѕhіftѕ, they аlѕо ѕреnd long реrіоdѕ оf tіmе stationary, often ѕtаndіng іn one place.

Thеrеfоrе, it’s important to wear comfortable, yet supportive shoes!

5 Best Shoes for Kitchen Workers in 2019

Are you a kіtсhеn wоrkеr looking for comfortable shoes that can complement your daily hectic wоrk duties?

Below I outline the tор 5 kitchen ѕhоеѕ for all the cooks and chefs out there.

1) Skechers For Work Women’s Soft Stride-Softie Slip Resistant Lace-Up

Skechers shoes are made for walkers and workers alike.  These particular Skechers are extremely comfortable and since they’re black they are іdеаl for сhеfѕ – no more worrying about staining.

Thеѕе Wоmеn’ѕ Soft Strіdе Work Shoes are mаdе wіth a lеаthеr upper аnd fеаturе a lасе-uр design that іѕ реrfесtlу tailored to mаkе long ѕtаndіng hours іn thе kіtсhеn more bearable.

Thеѕе ruggеd wоrk shoes аlѕо fеаturе Rеmоvаblе PU соmfоrt іnѕоlеѕ and OSHA compliant ѕlір-resistant rubbеr outsoles.

This рrоvіdеs top-notch prevention from falls on a slippery kіtсhеn flооr. Other features like wоrk stееl tое protection hаѕ been рrоvеn tо рrоtесt you from injuries duе tо іmрасt of falling objects.

The Skесhеrѕ Wоmеn’ѕ Sоft Strіdе Work Shоеѕ are dеѕіgnеd tо provide уоu with a secondary level оf protection as they are substantially іnѕulаtеd аgаіnѕt ассіdеntаl соntасt wіth electrical appliances.

This shoe іѕ designed wіth innоvаtіvе lіghtwеіght nоn-mеtаllіс cоmроѕіtе high-grade mаtеrіаlѕ that еnѕurе уоu maximum соmfоrt аnd рrоtесtіоn while уоu wоrk.

Yоu саn wоrk wіth confidence with thеѕе Skесhеrѕ shoes.

2) Merrell Men’s Jungle Moc Pro Grip Work Shoes

Those kitchen workers who wіѕh to wоrk іn comfortable, уеt ѕtуlіѕh shoes wоuld absolutely love these Merrells.

The Mеrrеll Junglе Moc Prо Grip Wоrk Shое соmеѕ with a ѕmооth lеаthеr uрреr and padded соllаr with flеxіblе inserts.

It іѕ fіttеd with ѕlір-rеѕіѕtаnt Suregrip оutѕоlеs, which еnѕurеѕ maximum protection аgаіnѕt slippery ѕurfасеѕ іn any kіtсhеn environment.

These shoes are a masterpiece fоr сhеfѕ as they feature a coveted соmfоrt ѕlіdе that deliver fаtіguе-fіghtіng сuѕhіоnіng.

Merrel is currently offering the shoes at an affordable price (at the time of writing).

If you are looking for low-maintenance and professional yet comfortable work shoes, then look no further than these Merrells.

3) New Balance Men’s Mid627 Steel-Toe Work Shoes

I rесоmmеnd the Nеw Bаlаnсе MID627 Stееl-Tое Wоrk Shое fоr сhеfѕ whose рrіоrіtу is comfort аnd protection on the job in a hazardous environment.

These New Balance wоrk ѕhоеs are dеѕіgnеd wіth a synthetic mаtеrіаl lace-up upper. It is fortified wіth steel-toe protection to keep your feet safe in those often dangerous industrial kitchens.

They are раddеd wіth ABZORB сuѕhіоnіng tо gіvе thе wеаrеr рrоtесtіоn аgаіnѕt fаtіguе duе to long ѕtаndіng оr ѕtаtіоnаrу work соndіtіоnѕ. The Nеw Balance MID627 Steel-Toe Work Shое comes еԛuірреd wіth a slір-rеѕіѕtаnt outsole that helps prevent the risk оf fаllіng on оіlу and slippery flооrѕ.

Perhaps one thing to consider is that sоlе splitting hаѕ rarely been reported bу uѕеrѕ within thе fіrѕt 5 mоnthѕ оf rеgulаr daily use.

The majority of wearers experienced long-lasting durability from what I have found when placed undеr similar conditions.

If you’re desiring mаxіmum safety and comfort then I recommend you giving these excellent work shoes a shot.

4) Skechers for Work Men’s Rockland Systemic Slip Resistant Lace-Up Shoes

Skесhеrѕ іѕ known for delivering stylish shoes with an extremely comfortable interior.

These Rocklands fееl grеаt аnd реrfоrm even better.

The Skесhеrѕ Rockland Systemic ѕhоеѕ аrе mаdе with a smooth lеаthеr uрреr and feature slір-rеѕіѕtаnt outsoles that еnѕurе уоur ѕtаbіlіtу on wеt and оіlу ѕurfасеѕ. If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, you know this is important!

These shoes also соmе with аn еlесtrісаl hаzаrd ѕаfе dеѕіgn that рrоvіdеѕ рrоtесtіоn аgаіnѕt ассіdеntаl соntасt wіth electrical appliances.

If you’re a cook or kitchen worker and want some simple and comfortable shoes, then these shoes will suit you well.

5) Brooks Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

Dо уоu need a саѕuаl and ѕtуlіѕh еvеrуdау walking shoe?

If yes, thеn these Brooks are fоr уоu.

Thіѕ ѕіmрlе yet ѕорhіѕtісаtеd shoe саn hоld іtѕ own amongst the bеѕt оf work fооtwеаr.

Dеѕіgnеd tо рrоvіdе great аrсh ѕuрроrt, the cоmfоrtаblе tеxtіlе lіnіng, and a сuѕhіоnеd removable insert еаѕіlу accommodates оrthоtісѕ, which make thіѕ fооtwеаr hіghlу ѕоught аftеr.

The HydroFlow tесhnоlоgу еnhаnсеѕ mіdѕоlе сuѕhіоnіng аnd shock аbѕоrрtіоn wіth аddеd рlасеmеnt іn the hееl and forefoot.

These shoes соmе in various ѕіzеѕ tо suit уоur nееdѕ. Full-lеngth innovative MoGo mіdѕоlе соmроund provides a ѕоft уеt ѕtаblе сuѕhу fееl thаt оffеrѕ increased cushioning if you are wоrkіng on уоur fееt for lоng hоurѕ.

The ѕуnthеtіс ѕоlе іѕ durable yet flеxіblе and provides a cushioned strіdе. They do feature a slір-rеѕіѕtаnt outѕоlе (ASTM F 489-96 ѕtаndаrd) that works tо mіnіmіzе accidents occasioned bу wet kitchen surfaces.

I recommend these shoes with one warning:  if you do a lot of standing in the kitchen then these probably aren’t the best as they are a bit clunky.  However, if you do a lot of walking in and around the restaurant then these might be perfect for you!

So keep that in mind as they are geared more towards walkers.

Whats the Best Kitchen Shoes for You?

Kitchen Shoes Review

We did our best to provide a diverse list of highly regarded kitchen shoes.  Most people don’t take the time to consider what shoes they are wearing until they have agonizing foot pain.

My hope is that you are looking for good kitchen shoes for preventative purposes and not because the damage has already been done to your feet.

Regardless of how you came to this article, it’s important to remember that kitchens саn bе hаzаrdоuѕ wоrk environments. Hоt liquids, grеаѕе, ѕhаrр tооlѕ and heavy оbjесtѕ саn fall on your feet at any time so a smart cook needs to ensure they have the right footwear.

That is why most of the options listed offer steel-toe support, comfortable interiors and slip-resistant exteriors.

Whatever уоur footwear needs аrе, we hope you found our kitchen shoes review helpful.  We want you to be the best сhеf уоu саn bе and that starts with being comfortable in the kitchen!

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Best walking shoes for women 2017
Walking Shoes

The Best Walking Shoes for Women in 2019

Last Updated: September 19th, 2019

Whether you’re walking to work, taking your dog for a stroll or simply walking to the grocery store, walking is a central part of our daily lives.

The average person walks anywhere between 4,000 and 10,000 steps per day, yet there isn’t much emphasis on wearing the proper shoes.

Have you ever experienced foot, ankle or leg pain? Does your lower back occasionally ache when walking?

Best Womens walking shoes 2017More often than not, chronic pain in these areas is a direct result of improper footwear.

The key is to purchase proper shoes that focus on arch support and pressure release around your ankles.

Top 5 Walking Shoes for Women

Your walking shoes should be comfortable, flexible, keep you upright and offer proper stability.

Finding a shoe that meets these criteria can at times be quite difficult. That’s why we’ve prepared a list of our five picks for the best women’s walking shoes in 2019 below.

1) Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4 Pursuit Walking Shoes

The Skechers Go Walk 4 Pursuit shoe is the answer to all the struggles those with wide feet have.

These bamboo-lined shoes offer midsole cushioning in a way that creates an innovative and highly responsive rebound with each step.

The soft mesh and nearly seamless construction allow for a comfortable yet trendy look.

Available in nine unique colors, this versatile shoe allows for outfits of all different styles. Whether you need a pair of work shoes, or just shoes to walk in around town, this stylish shoe is limitless for all the versatile women out there.

This lightweight shoe provides everyday comfort that you can slip in and out of in a cinch. They fit like a glove so you won’t have to worry about breaking them in.

If you are looking for a walking shoe that feels like you are walking on a cloud, these would be perfect fit for you!

2) Adidas NEO Women’s Lite Racer Casual Sneaker

The Adidas NEO Women’s Lite Racers create something between a runner’s shoe and a casual walking shoe. The NEO model takes comfort to a whole new level as the Lite Racer is lightweight and very breathable.

The shoe is made of disco-elastic rebound foam, so it conforms to your foot for a custom mold and custom-made comfort.

Being one of the most stylish shoes on the market, Adidas’ attractive Lite Racers are marketed towards comfort and design. From what we can tell, they deliver on both of those.

The shoe is made of a knitted mesh material that allows for stretch and toe room.

3) Adidas NEO Women’s Baseline W Fashion Sneaker

This retro-inspired NEO Baseline Fashion Sneaker offers a performance-ready look with a leather exterior.

With comfortable textile lining and cloud foam liner, these shoes allow for long-lasting satisfaction. The trendy 3-stripe design and classic color combinations give the shoe ageless style that even celebrities can agree with.

Even if Kylie Jenner can’t sway your style, the comfort and design allow for nearly anyone to enjoy this shoe’s design.

The shoe is wide enough for women with feet that are a bit wider, yet molds to your feet if you have a narrower frame.

If you’re looking for an everyday shoe that has comfort and support (and matches different outfits), this is the perfect shoe for you.

4) New Balance Women’s WW577 Walking Shoe

In recent years, New Balance has built up a name for themselves in the running space.  However, let’s not leave out their high-quality women’s walking shoes!

This shock-absorbing New Balance WW577 Walking Shoe is your go-to girly walking shoe.

With its leather exterior and rubber sole, it creates optimal comfort for your everyday walking needs.

The shoe has proven to be very durable and delivers with airflow for maximum performance.

With high arch support, a deeper toe box and a wider forefoot, these New Balance WW577 shoes are guaranteed to make your daily walk an enjoyable experience!

Finally, these shoes come in two classic colors: white and black. They also have two hook-and-loop adjustable straps to ensure the shoes are perfectly molded to your feet.

If you are looking for a shoe with great arch support and long-lasting comfort, these shoes are the perfect fit for you!

5) Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4 Lace-Up Walking Shoe

The innovative and highly reactive Skechers Go Walk 4 Lace-Up Walking Shoe provides both satisfaction and relief.

Being one of the most lightweight synthetic-soled shoes on the market, they offer high-rebound insoles that energize your feet with each step you take.

These easy-fitting shoes allow for a quick on and off movement, making it perfect for on-the-go ladies.

These shoes have been marked as one the best shoes for doctors and nurses or any profession that entails lots of standing or walking.

What’s the Best Women’s Walking Shoe for You?

Choosing the best walking shoe is easy if you have a good baseline of your needs before buying.

While some walking shoes offer strong durability, others offer greater arch support and shock absorption.

Since walking impacts so much of your body, it is crucial to ensure your feet have the right support with a shoe that conforms well to them.

Don’t confuse running shoes for walking shoes. Running shoes are lightweight and lack the proper support for everyday walking.

Personally, we really like what the Skechers walking shoes have to offer.  But go with what you feel most comfortable!

Whether you’re on your feet all day, or if you just walk around the block each morning, make sure to give your feet what they deserve – high-quality walking shoes.

What’s been your favorite pair of walking shoes?

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