The Best CrossFit Shoes for Women | Top 5 Comparison

Best Crossfit Shoes for Women

Are you still wearing clunky running shoes to tackle your CrossFit workouts (or WODS as CrossFitters call them)?

If so, you may be missing out. Wearing the right Women’s CrossFit sneakers can help you take your workout to the next level.

Nike Women's Metcon 2 Training Shoe

Want to climb higher, jump farther and squat deeper?

The best shoes for CrossFit women who want to achieve serious results have the right combination of support and stability yet are light enough that they won’t weigh you down.

So what are the best shoes for women’s CrossFit you might ask?  

Below are the top answers to give you that extra edge and take your CrossFit WODs to the next level.

THE LIST... The Best Womens CrossFit Shoes



Top Features




Reebok Women's CrossFit Nano 6.0

Reebok Nano 6.0

  • Anatomical Shaped Fit
  • Excellent Support/Stability
  • Higher Pricepoint


Nike Women's Metcon 2 Training Shoe

Nike Metcon 2

  • Versatility in all Workouts
  • Support & Stability
  • Higher Pricepoint


Reebok Women's Lifter 2.0 Weight-Lifting Shoe

Reebok Lifter 2.0

  • Suberb stability
  • Excellent on Heavy lifts

  • Not great for running


Reebok Crossfit Nano 6.0 Cross-Trainer Shoe

​Reebok has long been a perennial favorite in the CrossFit industry.  Not only do they sponsor the CrossFit games, but they are the sponsor for all official CrossFit apparel and shoes.

Reebok Women's CrossFit Nano 6.0

The Reebok Crossfit Nano consistently ranks as one of the best models in women’s CrossFit shoes reviews year after year.

The newly re-engineered 6.0 model boasts an enhanced anatomical shape specifically designed to fit your feet correctly and give you the support you need.

The Kevlar-infused mesh upper is breathable but extremely durable and now has RopePro+ with sandpaper texture to help you get the best grip when climbing.

The foam midsole gives you just the right amount of cushion and support to keep your feet comfortable.

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Asics Women’s Gel-Fit Sana Cross Training Shoe

At less than six ounces, the Asics Gel-Fit Sana Cross Training Shoe definitely won’t weigh you down on your box jumps.

ASICS Women's GEL-Fit Sana Cross-Training Shoe

This shoe’s mesh, stretchable construction with MONO-FIT is designed to gently hug your foot while allowing dynamic movement.

The heel cage is wrapped with supportive woven bands to provide stability and the sole is cushioned with the signature Asics gel system to absorb shock.

With a smooth inner-lining and low profile, this shoe is about as close as you can get to a barefoot feeling while still protecting your feet.

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Inov-8 F-Lite 240 Cross-Training Shoe

Inov-8 is a relatively young brand, but their F-Lite 240 Cross Training Shoe has definitely earned its place on the list of Best CrossFit shoes for Women.

It has substance to go with it’s flashy colors and designs.

Inov-8 Women's F-Lite 235 Cross-Training Shoe

This versatile shoe offers a host of features specifically designed to help you crush your WOD like the 360° Rope-Tec for greater traction and durability while climbing.  Along with a reinforced toe bumper to help your shoes last through all those burpees.

The Powerheel ensures incredible stability while lifting and the forefoot provides cushioning and support for jumps and running.

If you are looking for an underrated standout in performance at Box, then these are the shoes for you!

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Yet another one of the best women’s CrossFit shoes comes from the Reebok line-up.

Reebok Women's CrossFit Speed Training Shoe

This shoe addresses the need for speed when your workout incorporates running and quick transitions between moves.

At the same time, the flared outsole and special grooves on the sole give you the solid, stable base you need for lifting.

The most unique feature of this shoe is the KippingKlip on the heel which is designed to allow you to move more smoothly up and down the wall during handstand pushups.

Talk about cool features!

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Reebok Women's Lifter 2.0 Weight-Lifting Shoe

The Reebok Women’s Crossfit Lifter 2.0 is a great choice for heavy lifting and leg days.

Reebok Women's Lifter 2.0 Weight-Lifting Shoe

The adjustable hook and loop strap across the top locks your foot in for stability and keeps your foot secure and steady.

This is a solid shoe, but it’s light and flexible enough to allow for a full range of movement when needed.

The 3D Fuse Frame technology provides excellent comfort and fit making these shoes feel broken-in right out of the box. This is a wonderful, breathable shoe with a bold, feminine look while still offering all the necessities of a tough CrossFit shoe.

There is a reason why Reebok is the name brand behind CrossFit’s games and sponsorships.

If you are looking for excellent shoes with great support at an awesome price then these are your shoes!

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The Absolute Best Shoe For CrossFit Women

The right shoes are essential to your performance.  Clearly, the best CrossFit shoes for women are designed to withstand punishing workouts to keep you pushing all the way until the clock stops zero.  

We analyzed the best shoes in the industry and offered up the top shoes in each brand so that you can choose the one that suits you best.

If you are looking for some serious improvement on your lifts and want a great trusted shoe from CrossFits top brand, than go with the Nano 6.0.  

But if you want the top women’s CrossFit shoe in the industry than we would pick and recommend the...

Nike Women's Metcon 2 Training Shoe

This shoe was 100% made with the CrossFitter in mind. It’s comfort and breathability make it ideal to wear for any workout.

Nike Women's Metcon 2 Training Shoe

However, Nike did not overlook any detail in putting together the perfect pair while taking into account all aspects of a CrossFit WOD.

The design is not only gorgeous, but the support and stability match the look.  We believe you will find these shoes to be slightly wider than the traditional Nike's to ensure the comfort is there.

The stability on heavy lifts is fantastic.  We observed the shoes to be versatile enough to handle vigorous running and jumping exercises and showed no issues during CrossFits lateral movements.

These shoes will more than meet your needs, and have been shown to have the durability to withstand many workouts.​  

Simply put, these shoes are our favorite and it is for this reason that we gave them our prestigious "Editor's Choice" pick.  

Quite frankly, we know you will love them too.

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Summing It All Up

We've took time and effort into compiling the best womens CrossFit shoes reviews available.  

We had a thorough vetting process to weed out the shoes that don't have the versatility to thrive in any workout whether it be a heavy lifting day or a heavy running day.  

Nike Womens Metcon 2

The hardest part about finding the perfect shoes will be picking the color.

Thankfully, most CrossFit offerings leave several color schemes to choose from to ensure you are comfortable with the overall look of the shoe.  

Buy a pair today and stop showing up to the CrossFit Box as the newbie with running shoes.  We promise you will notice the difference! 

Let us know in the comments which shoes you enjoy most!​

​Want to see how we scored the top shoes in the industry, based on a 5 point scale?  Check out our Detailed Post which breaks out all the Pros and Cons of each shoe and picks the Top 10 CrossFit shoes of 2016.

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