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5 Best Driving Shoes for Men in 2019 [Long Distances]

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Last Updated: September 19th, 2019

Driving long distances can be uncomfortable and tiring.

Having good driving shoes can help you enjoy your time on the road and get you through your travels as comfortable and refreshed as possible.

Below, I list out the 5 best driving shoes for men in 2019. As you would imagine, the shoes are all easy to get on and off, lightweight (often a barefoot feel), and comfortable enough for moderate walking, not just driving.

These shoes won’t slip off your feet and are roomy enough to allow your toes to breathe. Ready for your next road trip? Make sure to grab one of these first!

5 Best Shoes for Driving Long Distances

1) GLOBALWIN Men’s Casual Loafers Lace-Up Classic Driving Boat Shoes

The GLOBALWIN Men’s Boat Shoes are faux leather, slip-on and lightweight.

The shoes are stylish and comfortable, allowing you to feel at ease as you get out of the car while stretching your legs or going to a restaurant.

They have good insoles, but are also removable if you want to use your own orthotics. They are of very high quality yet still reasonably priced.

A few users have found that they wear down quickly and that the back digs into their heels. One last thing to note is that they usually run half a size too big and are often too narrow for people with wider feet.

2) Sperry Top-Sider Men’s Wahoo Slip-On Boat Shoe

You can’t mention good driving shoes without mentioning the popular brand Sperry. I wear Sperry’s just about every day due to their comfortable breathable feel, stylish look, and simple design.

The Sperry Wahoo Boat Shoes have a canvas upper and a rubber sole.

They look nice and are comfortable, especially the foot bed. They are roomy, which can be great for a long drive, but some wearers actually find them too big, particularly in the heel.

They are quite easy to get on and off and most people absolutely love to wear these shoes while driving.

Once you break them in and start to get used to them, I have no doubt you will love Sperry’s as much as I do!

3) Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s Faxon Low Sneaker

The Polo Ralph Lauren Sneakers are made of cotton and suede. Most people find these shoes great for trips that also involve lots of walking.

However, some people have reported the sole to be too thin for walking comfortably on rocks, with little arch support so keep that in mind if you are in for a long-distance trip.

I also wouldn’t recommend these if you are up for long periods of standing.

However, when it comes to driving, we found these Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s sneakers to be the most comfortable. They are lightweight and almost give you that barefoot experience.

The biggest complaint about these shoes is the poor quality of their leather laces. If you’re able to overlook this small flaw and want a pair of nice driving shoes at a low price, then I think your search is over.

They are comfortable to wear with or without socks, and if style is important to you, you’ll be glad to know they are available in 12 colors.

4) Rockport Men’s Shakespeare Circle Penny Loafer

For those looking for some comfortable, dressy driving shoes look no further than these. The Rockport Shakespeare Penny Loafers are made of leather and have a relaxed fit to them.

In recent years, Rockport has built up a solid name in the casual and dressy shoes market with their extremely comfortable and often cushiony interiors. Many people swear by them.

Even though I love the Sperry’s, I have come to find the Rockport’s to be fantastically made shoes.

The lining is soft and their rubber soles are lightweight, durable and springy. All of the materials in the shoe flex in all directions, resulting in a short break-in period.

These shoes are good for wide feet and have a large toe box. Keep in mind that they may be too wide if you have normal or narrow feet. They have a low arch, but the insole is removable, which allows you to insert your own orthotic if needed.

These driving shoes look great and fit well for most. They are very comfortable for sitting or driving, but overall not made for walking or physical exercise.

So if you plan to stop and walk a lot on your trip, you should consider other shoes.

5) Toms Men’s Classic Canvas Shoes

Toms have really built up a solid following with their simple, unique and lightweight shoe offering. Even more, they give away a pair of shoes to someone in need for each pair purchased!

It’s hard not to support a company like this.

Let’s look at how their shoes stacked up to the rest of our list though. The Toms Classic Canvas Shoes are made of canvas and are very easy to slip on.

They may be tight at first, but the canvas stretches, resulting in roomy and comfortable shoes.

The stretchy and lightweight design of the shoes make these easily some of the best shoes for driving that we have come across. The breathability of the Toms also makes them ideal for summer road trips.

They are not very rugged and the rubber sole wears down with use, but they are great for casual wear as you go about your travels.

Finally, these Toms are lightweight and can be worn with or without socks. The length is true to size and is quite comfortable for those with wide or narrow feet.

What Are the Best Driving Shoes in 2019?

While driving does not require standing or walking, having comfortable driving shoes is still important to make your road trip as smooth as possible.

Personally, we love the Sperry’s, but ultimately you got to decide what you like best.

best driving shoes for men

When you are looking for good driving shoes, you must make sure they are lightweight, easy to slip on and comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.

All five of the items featured in our driving shoes review met those standards and are truly our favorites on the market.

They are comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time sitting. In addition, most of them are suitable for walking and can be worn as you travel by air or sea.

Before your next road trip, consider slipping on one of these pairs and you will quickly see why it’s worth it to wear the right shoes!

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