5 Best Men’s Shoes for High Arches in 2019

Best Mens shoes for high arches

Last Updated: September 19th, 2019

Whether it’s a quick trip to the grocery store or a swift jog around the track, everyone needs some comfy shoes to keep your feet happy and healthy.

Finding the best shoes for high arches can be a difficult task. Most shoes are made for people with flat feet and very few serve the less common high arch market.

People with high arches are what doctors call “pes cavus.” It’s caused by a bone or nerve condition.

Every aspect of a shoe’s design has an impact on the way you walk, the way your feet bend, and your foots overall health. It’s imperative that you buy the right shoes otherwise you’ll have long term issues.

What follows is a list of 5 of the best high arch shoes on the market (for men). We hope you find our carefully crafted list helpful!

Top 5 Shoes for People With High Arches

1. Saucony Men’s Grid Omni Walking Shoe

Saucony shoes are known for their simplistic design and signature simple aesthetic.

The Saucony Omni is designed for walkers, so it excels in comfortability for people on their feet all day.Yet, what we like most is the arch support that these shoes provide.

Yet, what we like most is the arch support that these shoes provide.

The ultra-responsive HRC cushioning provide the wearer with an EVA/rubber compound that provides superior cushioning where you need it most.

In short, this means the shoe excels at cushioning your feet during the landing stations of the walking cycle.

Do you find yourself experiencing the most foot pain when you place your foot down to the ground? Or is it when you are lifting your foot up?

For those with pain on impact, these are the perfect shoes for you. To date, you will see many people raving about the quality of these shoes!

2. New Balance Men’s M890v4 Neutral Light Running Shoe

Always a reliable choice, New Balance’s M890v4 is great for jogs, walks in the rain, or the occasional visit to the gym.

While these shoes don’t offer the same cushioning as the Saucony mentioned above, they do provide benefits in other key areas.

Here are two ways they primarily make up for this difference.

First, they offer strong heel support (saving you money on costly Dr. Sholl’s paddings). Second, thanks to the lightweight design, they don’t weigh you down during your daily jog.

If you have a propensity for New Balance lightweight design, I recommend you check these out.

3. ASICS Men’s GEL Venture 5 Trail Running Shoe

A personal favorite of mine, the Venture 5 is a perfect combination of quality and durability.

These are without a doubt the best trail running shoes for high arches.

This particular model excels in off-roading. They keep you on two feet while you’re taking a stroll through the wilderness.

The gel cushioning at the base of the shoe keeps you upright when running through the slickest of terrains.

If you’re looking for shoes that will keep on kicking even after one hundred expeditions, this is the pair to add to your arsenal.

Besides, studies have shown that spending daily time with mother earth every once in awhile is twice as productive as running in a gym.

Spending time in nature is essential to your daily health and happiness. So take a step back and smell the roses with these fantastic trail running shoes for high arches.

4. Nike Men’s Air Zoom Pegasus 33

The Nike Air Zooms are an elite shoe from a world renown brand.

The Pegasus 33 was tailor made by professionals with long distance running at its focus. It’s a common track athletes go to for competitive events.

The mesh exterior brings a nice breathability often missing in most shoes. The zoom air units provide the all important heel cushioning. Meaning, when your feet hit the ground it’s an enjoyable experience.

By deflecting the landing impact of the foot to the ground, it allows for a more aggressive running style.

Just to be clear, these shoes are the big guns. To a serious runner, this is breaking out the fine china for when the mayor comes over to have dinner.

If you’re considering taking the next step in your running career, this is the place to start. Make no mistake about it, it is one of the best running shoes for high arches you can buy.

5. Brooks Men’s Beast 14

Finally, the Brooks Men’s Beast 14 coasts into our last (but not least) spot on our high arch shoes review list.

The Beast 14 is designed for the comfiest, most relaxed run that technology has to offer.

The top part of the shoe is lightweight, breathable, and offers unparalleled air circulation to the user.

Thanks to the Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar, these shoes counteract the foot movement in overpronators. This allows for tight control to take the walker wherever they want to go.

Thanks to this versatile design, the structure can accommodate users with both flat feet and high arches.

Furthermore, these shoes are a great starting point for anyone getting into running with the aim of losing weight.

Save yourself a couple trips to physical therapy by keeping your feet healthy with a shoe like the Beast 14. Brooks is well known for making great walking and running shoes.


We all have our own style of running. Whether you blitz down the track or stroll through the park, you should always feel comfortable on your feet. Running is a great way to get fit, lose weight, and relieve stress after a long day in the office.

Why not keep yourself comfy and happy in the meantime?

Don’t let your high arches be a hindrance to your daily grind. Living an active lifestyle sure is a lot easier to follow when you have the right shoes.

We hope you like our list of the best men’s shoes for high arches.

Try a pair that you are comfortable with and don’t let your defects become a liability.

Now it’s your turn… What’s your favorite shoes for high arches?

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