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The 25 Best Survival Websites To Follow In 2019

Best Survival Websites


When a natural disaster or life crisis comes your way do you feel prepared to protect you and your family?

Top 25 Survival Websites

This is a question I have wrestled with from time to time.  Often, I have feared many things, from terrorism, to tornadoes, to deep economic depression or inflation.

All negatives considered, the best way to combat these fears is with proper preparedness and practice for if and when that worst case scenario comes your way.​

Best Preparedness Sites

These are just some of the questions we considered when we went on a quest to find the top 25 survival websites​ on the web today.  

Whether you are a seasoned survivalist or a novice learner, we know you will be able to find just the right site for your particular situation.

Have a look around and find the site that best matches what you are looking for.  

We tried to provide a diverse list that is suitable for average Joes, hardworking moms, and grandfathers fearing economic disaster on our coming generation. This article if for you!

Thankfully, almost all of the top survival sites listed below are written in an encouraging way which helps to make light of a difficult situation.

Are you on the market for some new survival gear?  Check out our in-depth article on the 11 Best Survival Equipment Items.

  • Check out our list below and let us know what your favorite site is in the comments at the bottom.​

Best 25 Survival Websites

(In No Particular Order)

Top 25 Survival Websites

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1) ​Offgrid Survival

This site is run and written by survival expert Robert Richardson who has 20 years of wilderness survival experience.  

OffGrid Survival is a website that helps people prepare for any crisis.

Also, it teaches people how to rely on themselves when challenges in today’s world come your way.

Preparedness topics about man-made or natural disasters, crimes, and top strategies to survive are all covered here. Robert also wrote the book: The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide: Self-Reliance Strategies for a Dangerous World.

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2) Survival Doc

The Survival Doc website, founded by Dr. Sterling Silverman, has a very libertarian feel to it.


It features a quote from Ron Paul, "Trust Yourself, Not the Government.”

This site is organized more like a book and has a wide range of chapters discussing a multitude of matters focused on surviving during difficult times.  If you want to get lost on a variety of free thinking topics, check out this site.​

Also, if you like long beards, we know you will enjoy Dr. Silvermans.​

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3) Graywolf Survival​

This site started 4 years ago.

The sites owner, Gray Wolf, is a Former Counterintelligence Special Agent, US Army Chief Warrant Officer, and Combat Veteran.

He thought of making this website to free his mind from the stress with which he has experienced as an army officer. This was inspired by true life experiences which he shares with the online world. Gray has got a lot to impart with others.

4) Frugally Sustainable

Frugally Sustainable is exactly that, a site geared towards frugal and sustainable living in difficult times.

The site is run by Wellness Media and is focused on issues regarding the homestead, prepping, preserving, and restoration. Its vision to to turn society into focusing more on sustainability.

The site states that “Everything we need is provided in the natural world that surrounds us. Together let’s discover!” The site has a nice modern feel to it which is nice.

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5) Survival Cache

Survival Cache commits itself to bring you survival tips and all the latest wilderness preparedness information.

Survival and tactical gear, weapons, and strategies are among the numerous topics discussed in this blog.

The goal is to make sure you and your family are always fully prepared.

Finally, Survival Cache is run by a large team of people ranging from those in the special forces to rocket scientists, so rest assured you will get some great diverse perspectives when you follow this blog.

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6) Ready Nutrition

The founder of this excellent survival website is Tess Pennington.

Tess was raised in Houston TX, where hurricanes frequently wreak havoc on the land.

While growing up, she realized how important preparedness was.

Thus, she started this website to track her journey and to guide others in survival preparedness for when disaster strikes out of the blue.

Need some nutritious food items on hand in case of an emergency? Make sure you grab something from our list of the 5 essential survival food items to stock up on.

7) Tactical Intelligence

Tactical intelligence is a survival site created by Erich.  

It provides an open forum about preparedness, the primary means of survival, and self reliance.

The sites creator believes that the more knowledge you know, the more confident you will be when the appropriate opportunity arises.

Check out our top article pick below.​

8) Truth is Treason

Truth is Treason is a website with the motto, “Break Free, Question More.”  Can you relate to this?

If so, you might want to check out this site. It was created out of a frustration that the site owner had with the mainstream media.

Its main goal is to reveal the unreported information without being biased like much of the media.

9) Backdoor Survival

The website was created by Gaye Levy.

Originally, she had two reasons for creating this. At first, she wanted to express her heartfelt concern about the deteriorating economy.

Second, Gaye wanted to become a top of the line prepper and is desiring to impart that knowledge with others. Six years later, she believe she has accomplished her goal.

Currently, this site gives tips on self-sufficiency, prepping, and has many blog posts on how to stay afloat when tough times hit. We think you will love the diverse range of content from Gaye.

10) Survival Blog

Survival Blog was founded by James Wesley, a former US Army veteran. It’s a daily web log for prepared individuals living in uncertain times.

He is now the senior editor of this website and has a lot of great info and tips to impart on the world.

The site discusses topics on survival info such as disaster prepared, self sufficiency, survival tools and much more.

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11) Survival Life

Survival Life is a site aimed to be a one stop shop of tips about survival, bushcraft, self defense, and off the grid living.

Personally, I subscribed to this blog for a little while and found its tips and tricks to be quite helpful. That being said, this site has a bit of a manly appeal to it.

The site takes a very logical approach. The goal is to maintain truth and an unbiased collection of concise, but detailed information with its collection of product reviews and survival tips.

Survival Life easily makes our list of the best survival gear websites.​

Are you on the market for some new survival gear?  Check out our in-depth article on the 11 Best Survival Equipment Items.

12) The Survivalist Blog

The website was created by MD Creekmore. The sites books and articles provide numerous tips and guides, which are based on real life experience.

The sites goal is to help ordinary people, who live on budget, prepare for the future.

Check out his rad infographic below on the ten things you need to do now before it is too late.

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13) American Preppers network 

The website is mostly geared towards Americans (yes, take a look at it's name).

Its goal is to help every American household prepare for the negative events that could come into their lives such as the death of a family member, a serious illness, or yet worse a devastating fire.

Whether it is an Earthquake or a Tornado that comes your way, this site is going to give you the knowledge you need to push through when times are tough.

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14) The Survival Mom 

The Survival Mom started 8 years ago by a suburban mom, Lisa Bedford.

Lisa created this website because of her love for her family and her desire to protect them. In the numerous blog posts, she delivers many practical tips such as what to do about food storage and purifying water. 

If you are a mom out there looking to provide some serious protection for your family when crap hits the fan, we advise you to check out this blog.

Epic Post: Cold Weather Survival: Survive In A Stranded Car

15) Survivalist Prepper Academy 

SPA is an academy that goes beyond what the other typical survival websites offer in terms of content.

Looking for high quality articles? The sites owner, Dale, has got you covered.  

Are you wanting to take your survival skills to another level?  That's where SPA offers a course to level up your preparedness.

The Survival Academy delivers programs that discuss preparedness in a structured format. It looks to be very promising and has some outstanding testimonials.

The membership is sold at a low monthly and yearly price. If you are ready to seriously up your survival game, we recommend you check them out.

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16) US Prepper Gear

This excellent survival site was founded by Charles during the first Iraq war.  That means Charles has built up quite a knowledge of resources.

Witnessing a different way of life during the fighting, US Prepper Gear was created to help people prepare for disasters and emergencies that come unexpectedly.

Earthquakes, hurricanes, and financial collapse are just some of the examples of disastrous events that US Prepper Gear trains you on.

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17) Survival International

Survival International is a site geared around a cause of doing the world good and protecting the various native tribal groups.

It is an organization that seeks to uphold the threatened tribes and susceptible people around the world.

Specifically, its focus is on helping people defend their lives and their lands and to make sure they are properly respected and cared for. The seek to make sure the tribes, like the many indigenous Indians in Brazil, rights as human beings are protected.

Although less like the survivalist blogs mentioned on our list, we wanted to include it as they are fighting for survival for those that struggle to keep going. If you think this is something that might interest you we recommend you checking out Survival International.

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18) RX for Survival

Sticking with the theme of doing the world good, this RX for Survival project was founded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and The Merck Company Foundation.

The goal is to heighten awareness about health problems and turn awareness into actions.

It encourages others to get involved by devoting time and energy to help children meet their basic needs. Check out their work on the wildly renown PBS site if you are ready to take action.

UK Prepper gives tips about almost every aspect of survival.

The site features articles and videos on camping, bushcraft, and essential wilderness clothing. This handy guidance is helpful for staying alive when disaster strikes unexpectedly.

Think you can survive a three day electrical blackout? Check out the below article first.

20) Survival UK

Survival UK is website  for those based in or heading to the UK... Yeah, that’s right, we didn’t just create a list of sites just for those rugged Americans out there.

Their articles provide you with a way to live comfortably within your means while residing in the United Kingdom.

Living in the UK is not easy as the cost of living is high and certain restrictions are placed on its citizens. So for that reason, if you are living in the UK or planning on moving their soon, we recommend you checking out this wonderful website.

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21) Survival Central 

Survival Central gives you specific tips for preparedness, survival, and living self reliant lives. “Be prepared, stay safe and survive” is an essential motto for this site.

This makes sense, as the articles posted here are not just on surviving tragic events like earthquakes and hurricanes but also on simple things like surviving the Christmas season... These are things I could use some help on sometimes. 🙂

Want to see some essential tips on saving energy during the summer season? Then check out this site.

22) Survivor Jane

The Survival Jane website gives tips on how to secure your home and provides advice on self defense, home invasion, and even food storage.

It covers ways to survive during natural and man made disasters. It even delivers content on what to do during an economic collapse.

For all you hardworking Jane’s out there, we think this is a great site for you.

This site is led by Joe and Amy Alton, two medical practitioners.

The goal is to make sure every family is medically prepared during doom and gloom situations.

Due to their background, they offer a nice medical perspective to surviving in tough times. No matter what the disaster is, they will prepare you well.

Epic Post: Blizzard Safety Tips

24) In Case of Emergency

This websites uses a personal approach to giving tips on survival.

Specifically, it uses the point of view of an ordinary citizen preparing and making himself ready for terrorism, natural disasters, or any other emergencies.

It's goal is to be a source of encouragement for people preparing for the worst of predicaments. Often these are not fun topics to discuss, but they are essential to our survival as a species if something terrible happens.

Epic Post: As Nation Marks 9/11 Anniversary, 20 Ideas To Improve Citizen Preparedness & Engagement

25) The Survival Doctor 

The Survival Doctor is a website that focuses on medical survival.

It was founded by Dr. James Hubbard also a medical practitioner. He created this site as he realized many people don’t know the basics of medicine.

So he wanted to make sure the average user is prepared in times of need. When a medical emergency beckons, Dr. Hubbard gives you practical tips to handle the situation.

As he says, it is a combination of science, improvisational medicine, and Grandma’s home remedies.

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Prepare for the worst by stocking up on the Essential Survival Gear Items.  You just might be missing something important...

What's Your Favorite Survival Preparedness Site?

We hope you like our list of some of the best survival websites on the web today.

Top Survival Foods

These guys and gals have been putting out great content for years and it is about time someone recognizes there work.  

We recommend you check out a couple that fit the blog that you are most interested in.

Survival preparedness is wildly underrated.  We are foolish when we forget to prepare for disaster situations.  Whether you are a conspiracy theorist or not, there is something to be said about being survival ready.

Now get out there and get prepared!​

Top 25 Survival Websites

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It's time to update your equipment!  It's time to get after it with the 11 Best Survival Equipment Items and the Best Survival Backpacks.

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