Brooks Walking Shoes Review Guide in 2019

Brooks Walking Shoes Review

If you are an avid or even just a casual walker, you know that having the right pair of shoes is priceless. Walking in shoes that are not right for your feet can result in unnecessary pain and make it harder to get up and get walking again.

When choosing a walking shoe, you must consider a variety of factors such as whether you are an underpronator, overpronator or neutral, the level of cushioning, arch height, breathability, and stability.

Finding a shoe with the right combination of factors for you will enable you to go outside for a walk and come back pain-free. Below is a guide to both the best of the best men’s and women’s Brooks walking shoes that are currently on the market.

Note for Women: Skip down to the section that says: 3 Best Brooks Walking Shoes for Women.

3 Best Brooks Walking Shoes for Men

brooks walking shoes for men

1) Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker V-Strap Walking Shoes

The Brooks Men’s Addiction Walker V-Strap shoes are made of leather and have progressive protonation control. The removable insole makes these shoes adaptable to custom orthotics.  If you have arthritis, these may be the ideal shoes for you.

In addition to being comfortable for sufferers of arthritis in the toes, knees and hips, the hook and loop closures make these shoes easy to get on and off even with arthritic fingers.

The shoes are comfortable, supportive and durable and are good for walking, running or lounging. You will even be able to walk on hard surfaces such as concrete for hours without experiencing pain.

2) Brooks Men’s Ravenna 7

The Brooks Men’s Ravenna 7 shoes are designed for mild overpronators and have a 10 mm heel-to-toe offset. The shoes comprise a mesh upper and are moisture wicking, providing good breathability for walking on hot days.

The shoes are sturdy yet lightweight. Wearers find these shoes to be cushiony and supportive of both high and low arches. In fact, the shoes are so comfortable that several wearers said they did not need to use their custom orthotics with these shoes.

People who experienced foot and toe pain with other walking shoes were able to go for walks in these without any pain. If you are looking for a shoe that can also double as a running shoe, then these might be perfect for you.

3) Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 16

The Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 16 walking shoes are designed for overpronators and have a 12-mm heel-to-toe offset. These stability shoes have a mesh upper.

They are soft and comfortable, making them good for those who suffer from foot or knee pain. They provide great support and give you a spring in your step.

On the downside, they are not as durable as other models, although someone did report that they held up well after one year of everyday use. They are also less flexible than previous versions and are a little on the heavy side.

3 Best Brooks Walking Shoes for Women

Brooks walking shoes for women

1) Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 16

The Brooks Women’s Adrenaline GTS 16 walking shoes are stability shoes designed for overpronators and have a 12 mm heel-to-toe differential.  The shoes have good cushioning, making them ideal for tar road walkers.

Furthermore, the shoes have a mesh upper and are breathable and moisture wicking, making them ideal for walking in hot weather. They have a good level of support and allow people with flat feet to walk pain-free.

These supportive shoes also help people who suffer from plantar fasciitis (a form of heel pain) and hip pain. The Adrenaline GTS 16 has a removable foam insole and accommodates custom orthotics. These shoes do take some time to break in, however.

If you are looking for running shoes, you should look at other models, as some people experienced foot pain after running in these.

2) Brooks Women’s Ghost 10

The Brooks Women’s Ghost 10 shoes are designed for neutral to underpronators and for mid to high arches. They have a mesh upper and a 12 mm heel-to-toe offset.

The removable foam insole makes them suitable for custom orthotics. Those with bunions find these to be comfortable walking shoes due to their wide fit. They also provide good support for those with flat feet. If you haven’t been able to go for walks or to the gym due to pain, these shoes may help you to get moving again.

Someone who suffers from plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, bursitis and toe pain was finally able to go to the gym again after a month-long pause once they started wearing the Ghost 8 shoes.

Likewise, others are now pain-free with these shoes, whereas before they experienced foot pain when wearing other shoes. The Brooks Women’s Ghost 8 is versatile and suited to walkers, long-distance runners or sprinters.

3) Brooks Women’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes

The Brooks Women’s Addiction Walker Walking Shoes are good for underpronators and provide good support for low arches or flat feet. They have a cushioned removable insole and offer good shock absorption.

Marathon runners recommend these shoes for those who want to do a lot of outdoor walking. Their good support and cushioning help to decrease foot, leg and knee pain, whether walking or standing.

The Addiction Walkers run smaller than other Brooks models and require an initial break-in period.

What’s the Best Brooks Walking Shoes for You?

If you are looking for new walking shoes, you may want to consider the men’s and women’s Brooks walking shoes summarized above.

Brooks shoes are often recommended by podiatrists as some of the best walking shoes on the market, especially for those who suffer from foot, knee or back pain.

The above summary should help you determine which pair of shoes will be best for your foot type, your level of pain, and whether you just want walking shoes or shoes that can also double as running shoes.

When considering which shoe to buy, you should consider what balance of stability, weight and cushioning you want.

That being said, all of the shoes above have good cushioning and support and alleviate the pain some people experienced with other shoes.

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