The 25 Best Survival Websites To Follow In 2019

Best Survival Websites

When a natural disaster or life crisis comes your way do you feel prepared to protect you and your family?

Top 25 Survival Websites

This is a question I have wrestled with from time to time.  Often, I have feared many things, from terrorism, to tornadoes, to deep economic depression or inflation.

All negatives considered, the best way to combat these fears is with proper preparedness and practice for if and when that worst case scenario comes your way.​

Best Preparedness Sites

These are just some of the questions we considered when we went on a quest to find the top 25 survival websites​ on the web today.  

Whether you are a seasoned survivalist or a novice learner, we know you will be able to find just the right site for your particular situation.

Have a look around and find the site that best matches what you are looking for.  

We tried to provide a diverse list that is suitable for average Joes, hardworking moms, and grandfathers fearing economic disaster on our coming generation. This article if for you!

Thankfully, almost all of the top survival sites listed below are written in an encouraging way which helps to make light of a difficult situation.

Are you on the market for some new survival gear?  Check out our in-depth article on the 11 Best Survival Equipment Items.

  • Check out our list below and let us know what your favorite site is in the comments at the bottom.​

Best 25 Survival Websites

(In No Particular Order)

Top 25 Survival Websites

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1) ​Offgrid Survival

This site is run and written by survival expert Robert Richardson who has 20 years of wilderness survival experience.  

OffGrid Survival is a website that helps people prepare for any crisis.

Also, it teaches people how to rely on themselves when challenges in today’s world come your way.

Preparedness topics about man-made or natural disasters, crimes, and top strategies to survive are all covered here. Robert also wrote the book: The Ultimate Situational Survival Guide: Self-Reliance Strategies for a Dangerous World.

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2) Survival Doc

The Survival Doc website, founded by Dr. Sterling Silverman, has a very libertarian feel to it.


It features a quote from Ron Paul, "Trust Yourself, Not the Government.”

This site is organized more like a book and has a wide range of chapters discussing a multitude of matters focused on surviving during difficult times.  If you want to get lost on a variety of free thinking topics, check out this site.​

Also, if you like long beards, we know you will enjoy Dr. Silvermans.​

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3) Graywolf Survival​

This site started 4 years ago.

The sites owner, Gray Wolf, is a Former Counterintelligence Special Agent, US Army Chief Warrant Officer, and Combat Veteran.

He thought of making this website to free his mind from the stress with which he has experienced as an army officer. This was inspired by true life experiences which he shares with the online world. Gray has got a lot to impart with others.

4) Frugally Sustainable

Frugally Sustainable is exactly that, a site geared towards frugal and sustainable living in difficult times.

The site is run by Wellness Media and is focused on issues regarding the homestead, prepping, preserving, and restoration. Its vision to to turn society into focusing more on sustainability.

The site states that “Everything we need is provided in the natural world that surrounds us. Together let’s discover!” The site has a nice modern feel to it which is nice.

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5) Survival Cache

Survival Cache commits itself to bring you survival tips and all the latest wilderness preparedness information.

Survival and tactical gear, weapons, and strategies are among the numerous topics discussed in this blog.

The goal is to make sure you and your family are always fully prepared.

Finally, Survival Cache is run by a large team of people ranging from those in the special forces to rocket scientists, so rest assured you will get some great diverse perspectives when you follow this blog.

​Epic Post: Survival Gear Review: Hill People Gear Recon Kit Bag

6) Ready Nutrition

The founder of this excellent survival website is Tess Pennington.

Tess was raised in Houston TX, where hurricanes frequently wreak havoc on the land.

While growing up, she realized how important preparedness was.

Thus, she started this website to track her journey and to guide others in survival preparedness for when disaster strikes out of the blue.

Need some nutritious food items on hand in case of an emergency? Make sure you grab something from our list of the 5 essential survival food items to stock up on.

7) Tactical Intelligence

Tactical intelligence is a survival site created by Erich.  

It provides an open forum about preparedness, the primary means of survival, and self reliance.

The sites creator believes that the more knowledge you know, the more confident you will be when the appropriate opportunity arises.

Check out our top article pick below.​

8) Truth is Treason

Truth is Treason is a website with the motto, “Break Free, Question More.”  Can you relate to this?

If so, you might want to check out this site. It was created out of a frustration that the site owner had with the mainstream media.

Its main goal is to reveal the unreported information without being biased like much of the media.

9) Backdoor Survival

The website was created by Gaye Levy.

Originally, she had two reasons for creating this. At first, she wanted to express her heartfelt concern about the deteriorating economy.

Second, Gaye wanted to become a top of the line prepper and is desiring to impart that knowledge with others. Six years later, she believe she has accomplished her goal.

Currently, this site gives tips on self-sufficiency, prepping, and has many blog posts on how to stay afloat when tough times hit. We think you will love the diverse range of content from Gaye.

10) Survival Blog

Survival Blog was founded by James Wesley, a former US Army veteran. It’s a daily web log for prepared individuals living in uncertain times.

He is now the senior editor of this website and has a lot of great info and tips to impart on the world.

The site discusses topics on survival info such as disaster prepared, self sufficiency, survival tools and much more.

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11) Survival Life

Survival Life is a site aimed to be a one stop shop of tips about survival, bushcraft, self defense, and off the grid living.

Personally, I subscribed to this blog for a little while and found its tips and tricks to be quite helpful. That being said, this site has a bit of a manly appeal to it.

The site takes a very logical approach. The goal is to maintain truth and an unbiased collection of concise, but detailed information with its collection of product reviews and survival tips.

Survival Life easily makes our list of the best survival gear websites.​

Are you on the market for some new survival gear?  Check out our in-depth article on the 11 Best Survival Equipment Items.

12) The Survivalist Blog

The website was created by MD Creekmore. The sites books and articles provide numerous tips and guides, which are based on real life experience.

The sites goal is to help ordinary people, who live on budget, prepare for the future.

Check out his rad infographic below on the ten things you need to do now before it is too late.

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13) American Preppers network 

The website is mostly geared towards Americans (yes, take a look at it's name).

Its goal is to help every American household prepare for the negative events that could come into their lives such as the death of a family member, a serious illness, or yet worse a devastating fire.

Whether it is an Earthquake or a Tornado that comes your way, this site is going to give you the knowledge you need to push through when times are tough.

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14) The Survival Mom 

The Survival Mom started 8 years ago by a suburban mom, Lisa Bedford.

Lisa created this website because of her love for her family and her desire to protect them. In the numerous blog posts, she delivers many practical tips such as what to do about food storage and purifying water. 

If you are a mom out there looking to provide some serious protection for your family when crap hits the fan, we advise you to check out this blog.

Epic Post: Cold Weather Survival: Survive In A Stranded Car

15) Survivalist Prepper Academy 

SPA is an academy that goes beyond what the other typical survival websites offer in terms of content.

Looking for high quality articles? The sites owner, Dale, has got you covered.  

Are you wanting to take your survival skills to another level?  That's where SPA offers a course to level up your preparedness.

The Survival Academy delivers programs that discuss preparedness in a structured format. It looks to be very promising and has some outstanding testimonials.

The membership is sold at a low monthly and yearly price. If you are ready to seriously up your survival game, we recommend you check them out.

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16) US Prepper Gear

This excellent survival site was founded by Charles during the first Iraq war.  That means Charles has built up quite a knowledge of resources.

Witnessing a different way of life during the fighting, US Prepper Gear was created to help people prepare for disasters and emergencies that come unexpectedly.

Earthquakes, hurricanes, and financial collapse are just some of the examples of disastrous events that US Prepper Gear trains you on.

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17) Survival International

Survival International is a site geared around a cause of doing the world good and protecting the various native tribal groups.

It is an organization that seeks to uphold the threatened tribes and susceptible people around the world.

Specifically, its focus is on helping people defend their lives and their lands and to make sure they are properly respected and cared for. The seek to make sure the tribes, like the many indigenous Indians in Brazil, rights as human beings are protected.

Although less like the survivalist blogs mentioned on our list, we wanted to include it as they are fighting for survival for those that struggle to keep going. If you think this is something that might interest you we recommend you checking out Survival International.

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18) RX for Survival

Sticking with the theme of doing the world good, this RX for Survival project was founded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and The Merck Company Foundation.

The goal is to heighten awareness about health problems and turn awareness into actions.

It encourages others to get involved by devoting time and energy to help children meet their basic needs. Check out their work on the wildly renown PBS site if you are ready to take action.

UK Prepper gives tips about almost every aspect of survival.

The site features articles and videos on camping, bushcraft, and essential wilderness clothing. This handy guidance is helpful for staying alive when disaster strikes unexpectedly.

Think you can survive a three day electrical blackout? Check out the below article first.

20) Survival UK

Survival UK is website  for those based in or heading to the UK... Yeah, that’s right, we didn’t just create a list of sites just for those rugged Americans out there.

Their articles provide you with a way to live comfortably within your means while residing in the United Kingdom.

Living in the UK is not easy as the cost of living is high and certain restrictions are placed on its citizens. So for that reason, if you are living in the UK or planning on moving their soon, we recommend you checking out this wonderful website.

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21) Survival Central 

Survival Central gives you specific tips for preparedness, survival, and living self reliant lives. “Be prepared, stay safe and survive” is an essential motto for this site.

This makes sense, as the articles posted here are not just on surviving tragic events like earthquakes and hurricanes but also on simple things like surviving the Christmas season... These are things I could use some help on sometimes. 🙂

Want to see some essential tips on saving energy during the summer season? Then check out this site.

22) Survivor Jane

The Survival Jane website gives tips on how to secure your home and provides advice on self defense, home invasion, and even food storage.

It covers ways to survive during natural and man made disasters. It even delivers content on what to do during an economic collapse.

For all you hardworking Jane’s out there, we think this is a great site for you.

This site is led by Joe and Amy Alton, two medical practitioners.

The goal is to make sure every family is medically prepared during doom and gloom situations.

Due to their background, they offer a nice medical perspective to surviving in tough times. No matter what the disaster is, they will prepare you well.

Epic Post: Blizzard Safety Tips

24) In Case of Emergency

This websites uses a personal approach to giving tips on survival.

Specifically, it uses the point of view of an ordinary citizen preparing and making himself ready for terrorism, natural disasters, or any other emergencies.

It's goal is to be a source of encouragement for people preparing for the worst of predicaments. Often these are not fun topics to discuss, but they are essential to our survival as a species if something terrible happens.

Epic Post: As Nation Marks 9/11 Anniversary, 20 Ideas To Improve Citizen Preparedness & Engagement

25) The Survival Doctor 

The Survival Doctor is a website that focuses on medical survival.

It was founded by Dr. James Hubbard also a medical practitioner. He created this site as he realized many people don’t know the basics of medicine.

So he wanted to make sure the average user is prepared in times of need. When a medical emergency beckons, Dr. Hubbard gives you practical tips to handle the situation.

As he says, it is a combination of science, improvisational medicine, and Grandma’s home remedies.

Epic Post: Hurricane-Survival Review

Prepare for the worst by stocking up on the Essential Survival Gear Items.  You just might be missing something important...

What's Your Favorite Survival Preparedness Site?

We hope you like our list of some of the best survival websites on the web today.

Top Survival Foods

These guys and gals have been putting out great content for years and it is about time someone recognizes there work.  

We recommend you check out a couple that fit the blog that you are most interested in.

Survival preparedness is wildly underrated.  We are foolish when we forget to prepare for disaster situations.  Whether you are a conspiracy theorist or not, there is something to be said about being survival ready.

Now get out there and get prepared!​

Top 25 Survival Websites

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It's time to update your equipment!  It's time to get after it with the 11 Best Survival Equipment Items and the Best Survival Backpacks.

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide| Will You Outlast A Zombie?

Zombie Apocolypse Survival Guide

Well, it happened... It was inevitable.

By the time you are reading this humanity has been overrun and overtaken by the undead in the latest zombie attack and, unfortunately, those who have never experienced death cannot live in harmony with our half-alive counterparts.

Top Survival Foods

You may have known this was coming, but are you prepared? Probably not.

If not, then keep reading for helpful tips and tricks of the times that will keep you alive!

I am here to bring to you the important zombie survival tips and tools for navigating this difficult world we are suddenly caught up in.

We have laid out the best zombie apocalypse survival tips below.

Want to know if you have what it takes to survive the Zombie Apocalypse?  Check out our latest infographic to see how well you would fare...

The Ultimate Zombie Survival Gear List


Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide….is what they would like you to think. First thing’s first, get out of your house.  A house is the most searched location when the zombies are on the hunt for some food.

If you want to survive, get somewhere without windows.  Minimal entrances equal minimal deaths.

Will I survive a zombie attack?

For example, a dumpster. Why would a zombie look in a dumpster for food? They wouldn’t.

Dumpsters are also hard enough to get into without breaking something when you’re alive.

Do you know how fragile zombies are? Pretty darn fragile. You can also use the trash scent to disguise your own and throw them off your trail.

Also for consideration: storage units. Storage units are the last place anyone looks for anything.

will you survive a zombie apocolypse

How many storage unit leasers do you know who can list off what they’ve stored away? They can’t.

Storage units are perfectly forgettable and therefore perfect hiding spots. They’re roomy enough for your whole team and can easily be lived in without running into space issues.

They also lock which is of course useful if you have a Zombie on your tail!

You have officially outsmarted the half-brained, barely conscious grave crawlers that are out for your flesh and blood.


You’re probably wondering more about how you will defend yourself once your one-room dumpster abode is finally invaded.  We are going to discuss the all important zombie survival tools (must haves).

zombie apocalypse tools

Something hella sharp.

No, seriously. Get yourself a machete or a fighting knife.  If you can also get something jagged, that could work well too.

However, you may want something longer to maintain respectable distance when fighting for your life.

This will allow for instant defense and the ability to take out more than one zombie at a time.

But, if you are one for a good contact sport then go for a shorter, more jagged knife.

will i survive a zombie apocolypse

This lets the sadist in your group to really feel the impact of their hit.

They may also want some brass knuckles. Nothing feels better than getting your fist right in the face of the enemy.

Hand-to-hand combat is normally not what would come to mind when fighting zombies but some people are into it.

will you survive a zombie attack

Finally, we must discuss firearms.

These may be more difficult to hoard in large numbers. Something like an AK-47 works for those living in densely populated areas among those from the grave.

Grab your gun, hop on top of your dumpster and start firing. Once you’ve exhausted your ammo, you can take a look around and see exactly just how many you managed to destroy once and for all.

Most Important Zombie Survival Tools

Of course, you have to consider what it is you will be running around with going back and forth between your dumpster, storage unit, and zombie combat.

This section will discuss the zombie gear and the most effective way to carry yourself.

When you’re in the middle of the apocalypse, you need to be ready for anything.

Translation: all-terrain. That means you need a solid set of boots or very strong sneakers to move around in. No open-toes, ladies.

zombie apocalypse survivals guide

That also means pants. The less amount of skin showing, the better.

The world is on the brink of complete destruction so the outside world is a little less safe than you remember.

When choosing pants, try for a cargo style. You’ll want multiple pockets so you can carry effective survival tools like a pocket knife and a flashlight.

Also, keep a small tube of antibiotic cream and maybe aspirin. You don’t have time for injury or illness.

You may also want to invest in a lock-picking kit. You never know when you’re going to have to initiate a small break in at a deserted grocery store to get some food.

If you don’t have pocket space, consider a small backpack. One that will not way you down and that you can run with.

Zombie Apocalypse Team

Probably the most difficult decision you’ll make during the apocalypse is who exactly you want fighting alongside you.

My zombie apocalypse survival team is going to be one that I am familiar with.  However, sometimes friends are not always the best option.  Enemies are never an option.

So, who to pick? This is a strategic choice, not an emotional one. We are not picking buddies to hang with, we are picking people who could potentially save your life.

Consider the right traits and characteristics: you need people who are logical, smart, grounded, and courageous.

Zombie survival team

You need survivalists who have experience in the real world and can make use of minimal resources.

You need people who can think on their feet. They have to make small and big decisions without getting to far into their head.

Keep the team somewhat small.  You cannot have a large group or that could lead to discombobulation.

Things like travel could take too long and resources like food would dwindle quickly. The magic size is under 7 people.

Not too overwhelming, not too underperforming.

zombie survival attack team

Make sure these are also people you don’t mind sleeping too close to. After all you don’t want to sleep like a zombie and be up all night due to a loud snorer in the group.

Never back down in the face of fear. A zombie apocalypse is something that many have been waiting for with bated breath.

And while it is quite exciting, it also requires strong survival skills and sense of self.

Many are not prepared, but there is nothing to worry about because this article provides a few ways to spare yourself when the zombies come knocking.

They managed to claw their way from their cold graves, but that is as far as they’ll get if you use this information the right way.

Take this opportunity to become a leader in ending the zombie takeover of the planet and leading your team to hero status.

Will You Survive A Zombie Apocalypse?

The question that often gets asked is, “Will I survive a zombie apocalypse?” But more importantly, “Could I (you) survive a zombie apocalypse.”

To better answer that question you have to take a stalk in how prepared you are to fight off ultimate doom.

Zombie Survivor

If you want to be a zombie apocalypse survivor you must have the proper equipment and team in place to go with the right training. Old episodes of the show Walking Dead won’t get you there alone.

Take the time to put together a zombie survival checklist and write out your operation plan for when those wild intruders start coming out of the woodworks.

Do you have the right gear in place to fend them off?

Be strong and courageous knowing you have prepared yourself well and have the right team in place to take out any zombie attack that comes your way.

My hope is that you will one day say, "I survived a zombie apocalypse!"​

Can you Survive A Disaster?

Best Survival Foods: Top 5 Eats To Have On Hand When Disaster Strikes

Best Survival Foods

You know the usual thoughts that pop up in the back of your mind when you hear the latest weather forecast with calls for a major storm coming through.

You wonder whether you’ll be able to get to work on time when a blizzard hits. You think just how awful everyone’s driving will become when a huge storm is on its way.

best survival foods today

Events like this present a great inconvenience, especially when leaving your house becomes dangerous.

That’s why we created this article. We wanted to provide you with guidance on how to best prepare yourself when disaster strikes.

5 Essential Survival Preparedness Foods

Below you will find the top 5 foods to stockpile when you think there may come a time when you need them most. Whether it be a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, or any other unplanned event, it is always important to be prepared.

Take a peek at our best survival foods list below and stock up on these the next time you make a trip to the grocery store.

1. Beans

Pinto, kidney, lima beans, and lentils can all be kept on hand as a good way to stay full while maintaining a good amount of nourishment.

Survival food items

If unopened, beans can last you up to 8 or 9 years. That’s quite a long time and it certainly cuts into the amount of time you have to go to the grocery store!

All of the best survival foods, outlined here, are meant to last for years and years which can be highly convenient in an emergency situation.

If you are looking to feed lots of people and need a great affordable option, look no further than beans.

2. Canned Meats

Canned meat is yet another amazing food to keep you full when times are tough.

Canned meats should be considered necessary for outdoor excursions and when you can expect weather to keep you locked in the house for a few days.

Canned Tuna

Try to buy canned foods such as tuna, spam, chicken, or ham. Expect these to last at least 3-5 years.

When disaster strikes, you need food that provides proper nourishment. Naturally, canned tuna or chicken does just that and provides you with essential sustenance to keep you going.

One thing to keep in mind, you must be willing to eat them cold especially if your electricity is out.

That being said, I doubt that will be an issue when the weather goes awry and you are scrambling.

The best survival foods are ones that give you sustenance and keep you operating at a high level; not necessarily foods that provide you a five-star meal.

3. Rice

Rice feeds millions of people around the world every single day.


It is something simple to prepare and store while providing valuable nourishment.

It’s no wonder it’s the staple of many daily diets around the globe. Rice is extremely affordable and has fantastic sustenance.

I have included rice on this survival food list because those on a budget can expect to get the most out of this grain. Rice is versatile and very tasty with the canned meats listed above.

It can be kept on a shelf for only around 6 months.

rice to survive

So, keep that in mind when picking items for your disaster food list. This may seem like only a short while, but I have found that rationing it can be quite simple.

Not much rice is needed to feed a human being adequately, and hopefully when you find yourself in a survival situation it won’t be anywhere near 6 months long.

Rice is delicious and can be used with just about anything. I usually try and remember every few months to eat the stored amounts and restock our bags.

4. Dried Fruits and Vegetables

When stored properly, you can expect dried fruits and vegetables to be some of the most long-lasting food items around.

Produce is something that is obviously unrealistic to have as a basic survival food as its regular shelf life is too short and proves to be too expensive to buy in large quantities.

top survival food items

However, you can expect to get 10 years or more from dried fruits and vegetables.

You can very easily find dried apples, carrots, onions, apricots, dates, bananas, corn, and much more at your local supermarket.

Be sure to purchase them in bulk. Try to keep dried fruits and vegetables at a constant temperature to increase their shelf life to close to 20 years.

Yeah, that’s right, I said 20 years!

5. Powdered Milk

Finally, we have powdered milk. This is an especially important survival food because it caps off the nutritional bases that should be covered in survival mode.

Powdered milk can last about 10 years. It can be used in a variety of ways besides drinking it.

important survival foods

If you decide to include oatmeal or fiber-rich cereals to your survival backpack, you can use the milk to add more nutritional value.

Powdered milk can also be used with certain soups, to make yogurt and even sour cream.

It is yet another food item that has been made more convenient for difficult situations where liquid milk which is not available and only lasts for about a month or so.

Survivalists and outdoorsmen alike have made great use of food such as dry milk and you are encouraged to have it on hand for when you need it most.

What Are The Best Foods for Staying Alive?

Many of us do not consider our access to foods when we have it and only realize its importance when we don’t.

When we find ourselves in precocious conditions where access is limited, we must be able to cope with the foods we have on hand in the event of an emergency.

survival food items

Do not be afraid to start stocking up early.  Buy large quantities and research nutritious foods that can be eaten without the use of modern electrical appliances.

Foods like these outlined above, that don’t need a microwave or electricity, can be life saving for those who are put in the worst of situations.

When a massive hurricane hits and your stranded for days on end without power what do you do?

It’s for this reason that we implore you to have some survival foods on hand to keep you and your family safe and protected.

Get yourself protected! Check out the article on the must have survival gear in 2017!

Best Survival Books | 3 Books To Help You Become A Survivalist

Best Survival Books

Last Updated: September 19th, 2018

Survival skills are taught in classrooms and schools all over the world, and with good reason.

You never know when a disaster may strike, or when you might end up in a situation you never dreamed you’d be in. Television shows, like

Television shows, like Man vs. Wild, do a great job of showing you how to survive, but there’s nothing quite like a great book to have handy when you need it.bear grylls survivor guy

Not all survival skills books are created equal though.

Some are best for really advanced survivalists, and some focus on one or two main topics, such as trapping or first aid.

Below is a quick guide to three of the best survival books and how to use them.

Top 3 Survival Books

1) Bushcraft 101: A Field Guide to the Art of Wilderness Survival

Bushcraft 101 by Dave Canterbury is quite possibly the most comprehensive introduction to survival skills ever written.

It is a New York Times bestseller for good reason.

If you’re new to outdoor survival skills, I recommend starting with this book. Canterbury covers all the bases at a high level.

Learn about what to keep in your pack and how to trap and prepare game for food or clothing. You’ll also learn about the coverage that you need, from tents to sleeping bags and blankets.

While this may not be the most detailed survival book out there, it is a great overall guide.

2) SAS Survival Guide 2E (Collins Gem): For any climate, for any situation

The SAS Survival Guide 2E by John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman is a small, easy-to-carry reference guide for surviving disasters and emergencies anywhere in the world.

With diagrams, advice, and real-life survival scenarios, this book gives you exactly the level of detail that you will need to make it on your own.

Wiseman provides step-by-step instructions with practical tips.

In this book, you’ll learn how to set up camp and forage for food if you end up in a place you’re completely unfamiliar with.

It’s recommended for anyone wanting to learn survival skills. This is a true reference guide and not just an overall how to book.

3) The Ultimate Survival Manual (Outdoor Life): 333 Skills that Will Get You Out Alive

The Ultimate Survival Manual (Outdoor Life) by Rich Johnson covers not only wilderness survival skills, but also disaster and urban survival skills as well.

Johnson splits up the 333 skills into four categories: Essentials, which covers things like an “assemble-at-home” survival kit, Wilderness, Disaster, and Urban.

What’s unique about this book is that you’ll not only learn classic survival techniques, but you learn about really practical living tips, such as how to avoid getting pickpocketed and how to avoid identity theft.

This is a great gift for anyone you care about, too, because it is truly a catchall for managing just about any type of unfortunate situation.


So, what’s the best survival book?

The answer to that question depends on whether you’re looking for a handy reference guide or something that teaches you end-to-end survival skills.

Either way, these three books are easily among the best survival books out there.  Here’s a tip: Choose a book that meets you where you’re at as a beginner.

An overview book is going to give you a good understanding of what survival is all about.  It makes a great gift also.

A small reference guide is a necessity to add to your survival pack.  To cover all your bases, get both types of books. Good luck out there!

Need Some New Survival Gear?

Check out our detailed review guide on the Top 11 Survival Items.

Best Military Survival Gear | 5 Essential Items for Any Occasion

Best Military Survival Gear

When it comes to military survival gear, naturally I lean on what our armed forces use.

They have been trained to withstand any element and know exactly how to survive with limited resources and worsening conditions. With the right gear and a 180-mindset shift, I believe you are capable of at least 20 times what you think you are.

If you are going to be buying military survival equipment and the most cutting edge gear and gadgets, you need to keep two things in mind, versatility, and reliability.military survival gear list

I’ll be detailing out some of the best military survival gear equipment on the market; the things any military survivalist should own.

You can be assured that you’re making the best choice after reviewing only the top products in the marketplace.

Top 5 Military Survival Items

1) TITAN MIL-SPEC 550 Paracord

If you’re a survivalist you’ve probably heard of a paracord many times before, maybe without anyone explaining why it’s so useful.

A paracord is a staple of any military survival kit.

It’s useful for: hunting, climbing, securing a tent or hammock, and just about anything you can think of. All you need is a creative mindset and a willingness to adapt to any environment.

I recommend this specific cord as it’s a whopping 103 feet in length, and is brought to you by Titan Paracord, which is an American Veteran-owned business, meaning you are supporting our military heroes that have helped protect our country.

This is truly a paracord made to military specifications as it boasts cord strength of over 620 pounds!

Finally, to top things off they offer a lifetime guarantee on all their products. This, to me, is truly a company worth standing behind and one I will happily support.

2) Kershaw Ken Onion Blur Folding Knife

It goes without saying how useful a trustworthy knife can be to any survival situation. It is a stape to any top survival gear list.

This Kershaw knife has been my personal favorite for many years now. I’ve owned dozens over the years, and the Kershaw is by far my top choice.

Kershaw is an outstanding brand that was founded in 1974 with a focus on quality manufacturing and innovation. Like many of our military product recommendations, it was made in the USA.

It has an excellent speed safe assisted opening along with a locking liner and thumb stud. With a 3.4-inch complete steel blade, this knife is sure to withstand any tough venture.

As mentioned, it’s a very well built knife and I’ve put it through more than it deserves without it ever showing signs of wearing out.

Not to mention, this is a knife that feels and looks great in your hand. Just check out their unique video by clicking the button below. The reviews are unanimous and it is clear this is the top choice for many survivalists like you.

At an affordable price, I know for a fact you will be thrilled with this excellent folding knife.

3) Surviveware First Aid Kit

No set of gear is complete without a high-quality first aid kit.

This military survival kit contains over 100 essential basic lifesaving items and yet hardly even weighs one pound. And it can fit into your glove box if you need it to.

The bag itself is made from 600D polyester, meaning that you don’t have to worry about tears or holes, this is a straight-up solid bag.

This kit, brought to you by Surviveware, comes in a waterproof, durable, light bag. Despite the numerous items, I have found them all to be easily accessible for when you need them most.

The great part about this kit is that it includes everything you could need to self-treat most wounds. So regardless of what hairy situation you find yourself in, this first aid kit has got you covered.

In case you aren’t sure, they also offer a lifetime guarantee and boast hundreds of superb reviews on Amazon. Just check out the incredible price below!

4) Aqua Quest Defender Tarp

Are you planning on being out in the wild for an extended period of time?

Then chances are you should not go without a durable waterproof tarp. This Aqua Quest Defender Tarp is 100 percent waterproof guaranteeing to keep you dry in the most extreme of conditions.

It is relatively lightweight, weighing in at 4.7 pounds.

Aqua Quest has been designing waterproof gear since 1996 and is based in the rainy climate of the Pacific Northwest. They even have a toll-free number to call during business hours in case you have any questions or concerns on their products.

I always recommend keeping a tarp on hand for the same reason you should always have a first aid kit; you really never know.

I find these items to be so essential because if you’re out in the wilderness, for more than a day, you can use a waterproof tarp to keep your gear dry, put under your tent, or put over your hammock.

It truly is a versatile product with the right creative mindset.  Ready for your next adventure? Don’t go without getting this superb waterproof tarp from Aqua Quest.

It’s no surprise that customers are raving about this product.

5) MalloMe LED Camping Lantern

Let’s not be silly and think you can head out on a multi-day excursion without a handy dandy camping lantern or flashlight.

We choose this MalloMe lantern as it is made of military grade ABS materials and Chip-On-Board LED technology. I’m not 100% sure what that means, but at least it sounds cool.

All jokes aside, this lantern shines much more light than most commonly used big box brand lanterns. It collapses into a small bundle making carrying it a breeze.

Thankfully, it comes batteries included, meaning you can take on your next journey as soon as it arrives on your doorstep.

But get this, it comes in a four pack, and at the time of this writing was being sold for less than $20! So you can have one for the whole family for the price of one. Talk about a steal of a deal.

If you want to be prepared for the worst, or even just spend a night under the stars, you need a quality lantern you can trust.

Check out this MalloMe option and get the latest pricing by clicking on the button below.

Summing It Up

When you’re purchasing your military survival gear, there are lots of things to consider. You might have missed this earlier, but I would recommend you focus on the essential items for unforeseen extreme circumstances.

If we had to pick the one essential item on the list I would probably go with the TITAN 550 Paracord as it can prove to be useful in almost any situation.  But a Kershaw folding knife comes in handy as well.

However, the important thing is not necessarily the gear, but more the mindset when you are out in the wild. I cannot say this enough; you must be confident and decisive in your tactics for whatever comes your way.

The crucial part when looking for survival gear is knowing all the potential uses for a single object. Be confident in your approach and open-minded in your strategies.

With the right gear, I have no doubt you can survive any problem that comes your way.

>>Grab the latest and most up to date survival gear here!<<

Yeti Coolers Review Guide| Best Yeti Ice Chests

Yeti Coolers Review Guide

You probably have already heard of the name Yeti, due to their outstanding reputation for delivering high-end superior coolers and drinkware.

Best Yeti Coolers

Beautiful Austin, Texas

Yeti’s base of operations is in my home town of Austin, Texas and so likewise I have bought and used much of their products over the years along with testing and reviewing other brands.

I try not to be too biased in our Yeti Coolers review, but the fact of the matter is they make some seriously awesome coolers from top to bottom.

The Coolers they make aren’t just any old thing you can find at the big box department stores.

The whole story began in 2006, when two enterprising brothers were fed up of the traditional, flimsy old coolers that were on the market. They saw a problem and wanted to fix it.

So they started in their dad’s garage in Dripping Springs, Texas.  They slowly worked away to build a "tough as nails" cooler that they would be happy to use everyday.

Yeti Tundra Cooler

Over the years, they have built an excellent manufacturing and quality control team to ensure top of the line coolers.

By building out a support team along with a rockstar sales staff they have tripled their sales in the last year alone!

Their Yeti Tundra 65 is the biggest Yeti cooler and is great for those serious fisherman out there as we believe they put out arguably the best marine cooler on the market today.

They have outstanding rotomolded coolers that have been battle tested and have been proved to keep ice for days on end.

What Are the Best Yeti Coolers?

Yeti has excellent coolers for any occasion.

As mentioned earlier, the Yeti Tundra is the best Yeti cooler (in our opinion) on the marketplace and durable enough to use for years on end. It has your typical ice chest look to it, but without the bad news bears quality of big department store brands.

Yeti 40 Field Hopper

The biggest difference is the fact that it is molded together with world class materials and latches that keep the cooler perfectly compressed. No heat is going to get in this thing.

Its hard shell has been proven to hold up over time and it is perfect for any occasion whether that be a backyard BBQ or a fishing trip with friends.

Also, check out the Yeti Hopper Portable Cooler.

Last year, some friends and I took the Yeti Hopper with us on a camping trip to Big Bend National Park. We bought some ice and groceries before heading out on the almost 7 hour journey and placed all the everything inside the Hopper and zipped it shut.

Yeti Coolers Review

*Courtesy of Google Maps

Even though we used it throughout the whole weekend, we found all of our food stayed cool the whole trip and most of the ice had not melted when we got home at the end of the weekend.

Best Soft Coolers

Talk about a high quality cooler!

Sure beats all the coolers I had growing up that leaked constantly. I just remember lugging around those ugly tanks and I felt like there was almost always something that went wrong on our trips to the beach.

Most of time you get what you pay for.

And even though you pay a pretty penny for a Yeti cooler, I am completely convinced they are worth the investment (notice how I used the word investment and not cost).

YETI Hopper Flip 12

Beyond that, they have other studly coolers for personal use like the Yeti Flip Hopper. One of my friends uses that portable cooler as a lunch box each day for work.

No refrigerator needed.

This awesome Yeti personal cooler makes for the perfect size to carry with you on short trips camping or to the beach. The opening is large and the strap makes it easy to lug with you wherever you are off to.

It even has a bottle opener that you can use to pop open a cool one.

Wondering where to buy Yeti Coolers?  Here’s our list of the top Yeti Coolers on the market, just click the links below to see the latest price on Amazon.

Cooler Type



Check Price

Top Heavy Duty Cooler


Yeti Tundra

Top Soft Sided Cooler


Yeti Hopper Cooler

Top Personal Cooler


Yeti Hopper Flip 12

What About Other Coolers Like Yeti?

In recent years, plenty of wannabes have popped up in the market attempting to steal some of Yeti’s pricy consumer marketshare.

Many have downright copied the manufacturing and branding style.

Yeti Coolers Court Case

As recent as February 2017, RTIC Coolers settled an ongoing lawsuit where they have been forced to cease and desist on making hard-sided coolers, soft-sided coolers and drinkware and redesign anything in question.

They even had to dish out some cash to Yeti.

They literally just about copied everything that Yeti did well and tried to steal Yeti’s customers and offer practically identical products at a lower price.

For many, who were not brand conscious, they managed to steal consumers away and have even built up a nice brand and business that employs almost 100 employees.

Check out their response to the lawsuit settlement here in case you are interested.

But some take offense to the fact that Yeti does not manufacture all their coolers in the United States.

Pelican Products ProGear Elite Cooler

Pelican is a longstanding brand that also delivers premium coolers at a high-end price point. They have excellent rotomolded designs and come with an outstanding 40 year reputation and warranty.

If you want a 100% American made company, then we suggest you check out our Pelican or Grizzly recommendations in our in depth coolers review article.  

Are Yeti Coolers Worth the Investment?

If you can’t tell by now, we love Yeti Coolers. We love them so much we decided to do this complete Yeti coolers review.

Yeti Roadie 20 Quart Cooler

If the last litigation story doesn’t speak enough to you than please know Yeti is trying to build a long term brand that holds up over time.

Sure, you can always go with a cheaper company with a lesser reputation, but as you can see, Yeti is committed to standing out in the cooler and drinkware space and they want to do their best to protect their brand and deliver great value and service to their consumers.

If you are still hesitant, please know that they offer a 3-5 year warranty to protect your investment.

Why Are They Called Yeti Coolers?

Why Is It Called Yeti Coolers

The brothers Roy and Ryan named it after the abominable snowman from the Himalayas.  

Even though Sir Edmund Hillary searched far and wide for it there is still quite a lacking in evidence of its existence.

Like the legendary ice monsters, the company states that their coolers are “tough, hard-wearing, and adapted to harsh environments.”

Although it’s existence is still uncertain, one thing is for sure, Yeti delivers consistently great coolers.

Still not sure what cooler to buy?  Check out our review guide of the best coolers in the world.​

Where Are Yeti Coolers Made? Find Out If Yeti Is Made In The USA…

Where are Yeti Coolers Made

Last Updated: September 19th, 2018

Wondering whether or not Yeti is made in the USA? Well, you're in the right place.

In recent years, Yeti has built up quite a following of outdoorsy people that like high quality products.

Recently, their sales have taken off and have even tripled in just last year alone! 

Many people swear by their coolers and drink cups. Personally, we love Yeti and use there cups, coolers, and products all the time.

Yeti Tundra Cooler

Rarely can competitors compare to the level of quality and skill in craftsmanship that Yeti accomplishes on all of their products.

Yeti has really built up a loyal cult-like following in recent years and it is not very often that a week goes by without seeing many Yeti bumper stickers, hats, T-shirts and so on.

However, despite their top quality products, some people have taken exception to them.

Although an American company founded by two Texan brothers, they have received some negative pushback as not all their products are manufactured in the USA.

That leads us to the question of the day, “Where are Yeti Coolers made?”

Are Yeti Coolers Made in the USA?

Here's a question we get asked often, "Is Yeti Made in USA???" or "Where is Yeti Coolers made?"

Yes and no... Here’s Yeti’s response direct from their website:

Our Tundra coolers are manufactured in the USA at facilities located in Iowa and Wisconsin as well as at a facility located in the Philippines.  Our Hopper coolers and Rambler drinkware are manufactured in China.

Yeti FAQs

So it’s clear that a lot of their operations are here in the United States and they truly only outsource the parts and operations that are absolutely necessary overseas.

Are Yeti Coolers Made In The USA?

After asking around further, I have found that the quality concerns are another reason they manufacturer partly overseas as they want to make sure to have the absolute best products at an affordable price point.

Like many companies, it is more cost effective and in some cases even better quality when you outsource manufacturing overseas.  Likely this is the case here.

Below are a list of the Best Yeti Coolers in 2018.

Top Yeti Coolers on the Market​

Cooler Type



Check Price

Top Heavy Duty Cooler

Yeti Tundra

Top Soft Sided Cooler

Yeti Hopper Cooler

Top Personal Cooler

Yeti Hopper Flip 12

Still, some people might be a little put off by an American company manufacturing part of their operations overseas.

For those neighsayers out their, I present a couple other options for you.

Best American Manufactured Coolers Brands

Best American Coolers Brands

Here’s a couple other great options out there for those that want a superb cooler manufactured in the US of A.

If you like the quality of Yeti, we have no doubt you will also love these two brands just as much!


One of Yeti’s staunchest of competitors is Pelican.  Like Yeti, they deliver some fantastic coolers with top of the line materials.

They have over 40 years of manufacturing experience and have developed a superb reputation. 

Pelican Products ProGear Elite Cooler

With headquarters located in sunny Torrance, California they have manufacturing facilities all around the United States.

Recently, in 2012, they introduced a staple of their cooler line, the Pelican ProGear Elite with “tough-as-nails” materials to compete with the Yeti Tundra and other premium brands.

They also deliver excellent products and have really emerged as a top of the line brand neck and neck with Yeti in the cooler market. We particularly like their Pelican Elite Wheeled Cooler which won our best wheeled cooler in our recent review.

Top Pelican Coolers on the Market:

Cooler Type




Top Heavy Duty Cooler

Pelican Products ProGear Elite Cooler, 65 quart

Top Wheeled Cooler

Pelican Products ProGear Elite Wheeled Cooler

Top Personal Cooler

Pelican ProGear 20QT 20 Quart Elite Cooler


These guys are grizzly bear tested and approved.

Grizzly Coolers 60-Quart Cooler

No joke, they actually have a IGBC bear resistant testing process.

They also go in a 90-degree climate controlled testing process to ensure their coolers hold up and retain ice for days in the most extreme of conditions. We have found their ice retention to be fantastic.

Whether you are out in really hot weather or the frigid cold, you will like how well these coolers hold up over time.

Grizzly, like Pelican, are also 100% manufactured and made in the United States.

Grizzly 15 quart

Specifically, they are made in Decorah, Iowa. Who knew something this good could come out of Iowa? (Only kidding)

You can rest assured that you are buying a fully American made product when you invest in one of Grizzly’s excellent rotomolded coolers.

Top Grizzly Coolers on the Market

Cooler Type




Top Heavy Duty Cooler

Grizzly 60 quart

Top Personal Cooler

Grizzly 15 quart

What’s the Best Cooler Manufacturer?

Ultimately, you have to go with your gut.

Are Yeti Coolers Made In America?

There is not a ton of separation in quality from Yeti to Pelican to Grizzly. They all spend a lot of time in the manufacturing process and only use top of the line materials.

You will not be disappointed no matter which direction you go.

Personally, we love the look and feel of the Yeti coolers most and we know that they as a company are doing great things and building a fantastic brand.

But if you are concerned about where Yeti coolers are made, we have no doubt you will like some of our other top options that we laid out above from Pelican to Grizzly.

All three companies take a lot of time into ensuring  perfection on each cooler that gets manufactured.

Still not sure what direction to take? We put together an in depth article showing exactly how we selected the top ice chests above. Check out our in depth article on the best coolers on the market today!

Best Cooler Brands| Top 3 Ice Chest Manufacturers

Best Cooler Brands

Buying the right cooler can be quite the hassle.

Most all of us have some sort of cooler horror stories.  You probably at some point in your life have went with a cheap cooler that doesn’t last long and starts leaking.

Yeti Coolers

I feel like that was the case when I was growing up where there just weren’t that nice of coolers out there on the market and all the Walmart big box coolers were a piece of junk.

Unfortunately, in my family, we often went the cheap and easy over high quality and long lasting.

Thankfully, in recent years there has been a greater emphasis on quality over price and some new upstart brands have spoken to the consumer need for high-end coolers.

We are here to lay out the best cooler brands to pick from on the market.

We tried to lay out the top three companies in a factual, but fun way, while sprinkling in some videos showing the toughness of the coolers.

Check out our three favorites below...

Top Cooler Brands


Looking for the gold standard in the ice chest industry?

After lots of testing and meta-data analysis we have found that the best cooler brand is none other than Yeti.

Founded by a couple of brothers in 2006, they saw a serious pain point for people who needed a high quality cooler. They got sick of the cheap big box brands out there that continually broke down.

Yeti Roadie 20 Quart Cooler

So they set out to create a high-end premium brand cooler with only the best materials. Their goal was to create a cooler that they would use every day

And that is exactly what they did.

Some might bark at the price of their coolers, but to be honest if you are always buying new ice chests every few years or are having problems with the ones you have, it’s worth the money over time when you value the hassle free guarantee Yeti gives.

Yeti Tundra

In recent years, Yeti has blitzed the market and taken a lot of the premium market share from other competitors (listed below). Yeti has built up an excellent reputation with superb product and an outstanding brand focused on two things quality and service.

They don’t sell cheap coolers (just check their prices), but what you will consistently find is people that are more than satisfied for the overall quality and longevity of their products.

Yeti Soft Cooler

Lots of times you get what you pay for.  And in this case, you truly get a great cooler with Yeti.

Something to keep in mind is that although they are an American company, creating jobs in America, they also do import some of their coolers from Vietnam.

For those looking for a strictly American brand, check out Pelican Products below.

Overall, Yeti has done it with superb, unique products, and excellent customer service. I know you will be just as satisfied in their coolers and products as I and thousands of others have been.

They don’t compromise on quality under any circumstances.

Cooler Type



Check Price

Top Heavy Duty Cooler


Yeti Tundra

Top Soft Sided Cooler


Yeti Hopper Cooler

Top Personal Cooler


Yeti Hopper Flip 12

Still doubt the toughness of a Yeti?

Checkout how it stacks up against everything Yeti could throw at it:


Pelican Coolers is another excellent brand that, like Yeti, serves the high-end quality customer.

In fact, they even have our favorite wheeled cooler, the Pelican ProGear Elite Wheeled Cooler.​

Pelican Products ProGear Elite Cooler

It has been around for over 40 years and is based in the beautiful SoCal city of Torrance. They continue to deliver a great quality product year in and year out.

Customers rave about the quality of their products and many have a hard time deciding between Pelican and Yeti. To be honest, it was tough for us and honestly we love both brands.

Their top cooler, the Pelican Elite Cooler, is outstanding and is known to keep ice insulated for up to 10 days. That’s a whole fishing trip and then some.

Pelican offers a lifetime warranty to show that they 100% backup the quality on all of their coolers.

With that focus on quality, it’s no wonder they are one of the best ice chests brands on the market today.

Pelican ProGear 20QT 20 Quart Elite Cooler

As mentioned earlier, many people take offense to Yeti.

Although Yeti is an American brand, some of their coolers come from overseas. It is for that reason why many buyers have gone with other top ice chest brands, like Pelican.

Before you skip down to Grizzly Coolers, keep in mind that Pelican makes sure their coolers are 100% bear resistant.

It’s clear they value thick, durable, materials that don’t break down under ANY circumstance.

Cooler Type




Top Heavy Duty Cooler

Pelican ProGear Elite

Pelican Products ProGear Elite Cooler, 65 quart

Top Wheeled Cooler

Pelican ProGear Elite Wheeled

Pelican Products ProGear Elite Wheeled Cooler

Top Personal Cooler

Pelican ProGear 20QT

Pelican ProGear 20QT 20 Quart Elite Cooler

Grizzly Coolers

These guys deliver some rock star coolers at a high-end price.

Grizzly Coolers 60-Quart Cooler

The toughness and durability of their coolers is truly represented in their name: Grizzly Coolers.

They actually test all their coolers with IGBC bear resistant testing to make sure you're safe in the wild with one of their products. Clearly it’s not just a name! Next time you are in mother nature with bears don’t be scared.

These guys go the extra mile to make sure they don’t sell you a product with defects. They have an incredible 90-degree climate controlled test process where they monitor the ice levels on all their coolers. 

Grizzly 15 quart

Talk about some serious quality control. Oh, and by the way, they truly do stay cool for days.

They seal well with excellent latches with think rotomolded walls to provide a strong layered exterior.

You think I am kidding about that dense exterior? Check this out below...

Cooler Type




Top Heavy Duty Cooler

Grizzly 60 Quart

Grizzly 60 quart

Top Personal Cooler

Grizzly 15 Quart

Grizzly 15 quart


**Best Affordable Cooler Brand**

We thought about not including Igloo as, to be honest, their coolers don’t really stack up to the best 3 cooler brands listed above.

Igloo Yukon Cold Locker Cooler

If we put them to the bear test or the mack truck test, I am most certain they fail.

But they are not as heavily invested in their materials as they want to reach a more mass market.

If you liked the above videos, and the quality above, but can’t afford to pay top dollar, then maybe Igloo is what you need.

We realize that not everyone wants to drop $200+ on a cooler. So we wanted to provide an alternative to the high-end, expensive cooler brands on the market.

Created in 1947 in a modest metalworking shop. Now, they have expanded into a 1.8 million square foot building in Katy, Texas a suburban town outside of Houston.

Igloo Daytripper Collection

Over the years, they have innovated and expanded into many different markets and product lines.  But as whole, they are known for their many styles and types of coolers ranging from tough heavy duty coolers that work great for boating and fishing trips all the way to portable electric coolers.  

Igloo serves a great market and does a great job with their coolers while providing a bigtime appeal for discount retailers like Walmart and Costco. For the most part, their coolers hold up and they provide a good variety of types and styles to choose from.

Again, if you are looking for affordable and simple, these coolers are you go tos.

Cooler Type




Top Heavy Duty Cooler

Igloo Cold Locker

Yukon Cold Locker

Top Soft Sided Cooler

Igloo Marine Ultra

Igloo Marine Ultra

Top Personal Cooler

​Igloo Daytripper

Igloo Daytripper Collection

What’s the Best Cooler Brand For You?

We hope you liked our in depth analysis and study of the best cooler brands on the market today.

From old timers like Pelican and Igloo, to newer upstarts like Grizzly and Yeti, you should have no problem picking out a style that you like.

But are you still having a hard time deciding?

Let me hit you with a quick breakdown of the facts above and help you come to a better conclusion.

Pelican Products ProGear Elite Wheeled Cooler

If you want a tough American manufactured cooler that is guaranteed to last go with Pelican. The Pelican ProGear Elite cooler is fantastic and they even have a wheeled option which is fantastic.

Grizzly has the coolest name and has an IGBC bear resistant, extreme temperature quality tested process that guarantees a perfect cooler to every buyer. So if you don’t like bears eating your food and you like the design, go with Grizzly.

Don’t want to shell out $200+ for a new cooler and want a great low cost cooler, than go with the Igloo models outlined above. They don’t have the same guarantees to quality, but as a whole they do a good job serving the mass market audience.

Finally, if you want to go with our favorite, and also a local American company, go with Yeti. They manufacturer top of the line coolers and truly work extremely hard with their suppliers to ensure serious quality control.

Yeti Tundra Cooler

However, watch out for all the Yeti copycats out there.

The Yeti Tundra is a beast to say the least and can withstand any task.

Still don’t believe me? Still don’t think Yeti is tough enough to withstand anything that comes its way?

I have one more video for you as a 500-pound man takes on a Yeti Tundra. Haha enjoy! 🙂

Thanks for bearing with me with all the destructive videos.  I hope you weren’t too put off by all the tough cooler tests...

Still looking for more information before deciding?  We put together an In Depth Review Guide on the best coolers on the market today in this comprehensive article.

Best Electric Coolers | Top 5 Electric Ice Chests On The Market

Best Electric Coolers

Last Updated: September 19th, 2018

Having fresh food and cool drinks is a must for any long distance traveler.

Knox 48 Quart Electric Cooler-Warmer

Though there are plenty of excellent ice chests available, sometimes you just want the reliability of an electric cooler. You don't have to worry about melting ice or leaks with a plugged in cooler after all.

In this article, I'm going to break down the five best electric coolers offered online.

There are plenty of options for those who want to be plugged in.

I consider design, spaciousness, noise level, and all the important features to better help you make the right decision when it comes to electric coolers.

Looking for a heavy duty ice chest to go along with your electric?  We put together top of the line reviews with extensive meta-data research on all the best coolers right here.  

​Electric Ice Chests Review List

1. Knox 48 Quart Electric Cooler/Warmer

My top electric cooler pick is the Knox 48 Quart Electric Cooler/Warmer.

Knox 48 Quart Electric Cooler-Warmer

As you can guess from the name, this is a versatile piece of gear with options for cooling or heating food when on the road.

The built-in AC home plug and DC car plug also means you have plenty of options for charging this spacious cooler.

At a mid-range price, this chest is an excellent deal for the 48-quart size. Keep in mind the fan is rather noisy, so sleeping with it running could prove difficult.

The wheels make it an easy companion to carry around with you, while the five and half foot DC cable is a convenient length for plopping it on the backseat.

2. Wagan (EL6224) 12V Cooler/Warmer

One of the best 12v coolers on the market is the Wagan 12V at a price that is a steal of a deal.

Wagan (EL6224) 12V Cooler-Warmer

The Wagan 12V Cooler/Warmer may be small, but its great design means it has a surprisingly spacious interior. Its petite size allows it to sit comfortably behind the passenger seat which of course makes the Wagan very portable.

The fan is not too loud, though you will notice it somewhat in a totally quiet room.

The seven and half foot DC cable is long enough to sit it on the backseat of larger cars, so any younger campers behind you can help themselves to chilled snacks on the way.

3. Excelvan 12V Thermoelectric Cooler/Warmer

My most affordable option on my best electric coolers list is the Excelvan travel refrigerator.

Excelvan BT16 6L 12V Portable Car Thermoelectric Cooler-Warmer

This is a convenient little cooler with a few nice attributes for its cheaper price.

The top cover offers easy access to the chamber, while the shoulder strap means you can carry this cooler from home to car and car to site without any trouble.

The slim body design lets this chest sit easily on the floor of the backseat, and the non-slip footpads are a nice safety feature.

The cooler does have a strong plastic smell straight out of the box, so it's advisable to wrap food well or air the machine before use.

However, if you are looking to save money and want a great electric cooler for your next adventure, we think the Excelvn portable cooler/warmer might be just what you were looking for.

4. Igloo Iceless 40-Quart with 110-volt Converter

It will be no surprise to outdoor enthusiasts that an Igloo model has made it onto my list of electric cooler reviews.

Igloo 40375 Iceless 40-Quart

This is a top brand that comes with a high price tag.

However, as often is the case, the high price point means better quality. The Igloo 40-Quart is plenty large enough to carry a good amount of food and drinks for your next car ride.

The aesthetic exterior is sleek and modern, and the body is well-constructed and durable.

Dual orientation means that this electric chest is top-loaded when horizontal, or front loaded with a door when it's vertical.

The power cord can be a little fragile, so take care when plugging the cooler in and removing the plug after use.

If you are looking for a nice sized popular name brand cooler, look no further than this Igloo model. Check the price below.

Coleman 40 Quart Thermoelectric Cooler

This car cooler is a sound buy, and can be used in the home as well with its 110v outlet, but you will definitely need an adaptor.

Also, dual oriented, this is a well-thought out product with tray shelves for organizing your items.

This means you can easily fit in more essentials than less well-outfitted coolers. The motor is quiet, so if you are using this in sleeping areas such as an SUV or a dorm room, then you shouldn't lose any sleep.

Pre-chilling items before putting them in will make the best use of this solid cooler.

Conclusion: Which Cooler Is Right For You?

I've looked at some of the best electric coolers available online.

Knox 48 Quart Electric Cooler-Warmer

Personally, we really liked the Knox 48 Quart Cooler/Warmer due to its large size, versatility, and durability.

But other brands like the Igloo 40-Quart PowerChill offer a great alternative if you are looking for something different.

Igloo 40375 Iceless 40-Quart

While powerless ice-chests are a more independent, rugged option, electric coolers have plenty of benefits, and can serve multiple purposes such as an extra refrigerator in the kitchen, a dorm or in the garage.

If you are going on long road trips this saves the hassle of having to constantly be buying more ice and draining out the water on a regular cooler.

When considering your options, it's best to think about where you'll be using the cooler. If it's in sleeping quarters, you'll want something with a quiet fan.

However, if it's for long car journeys the fan noise won't create as much of a problem.

Cord length, the cooler's interior, and durability are also factors that must be considered before you make that all-important purchase.

Not satisfied with the electric cooler options and want a real heavy duty cooler? We put together a list of the top heavy duty coolers on the market. Check out our in depth analysis and review of the best coolers on the market here.

Best Soft Sided Coolers For Any Occasion

Best Soft Coolers

Planning a short excursion but don't fancy the idea of limp lettuce, soggy sandwiches, and warm beer?

Yeti Soft Cooler

Then a good soft cooler is probably something you want to invest in. Hard sided ice chests are useful, but can be cumbersome and difficult to transport, especially if your destination has a long walk involved like an outing to the beach.

Some of the best soft sided coolers, like the Yeti shown in the right image,  keep your perishables safe and cold, without adding the extra bulk.

There is a broad range of coolers available, from value buys to more luxury choices, and our top 5 soft cooler reviews are going to walk you through the best of the best.

So let's take a look in the detailed list below.

Soft Sided Coolers Review List

1. Yeti Field Hopper Cooler

Kicking off my list is the YETI Hopper Portable Cooler.

Yeti 40 Field Hopper

At a hefty price tag, this cooler is a high-end choice not suitable for the value shopper, but for those wanting the best, this is it.

Its great construction makes it a durable outdoor companion that will stand the test of time. The DryHide shell is puncture resistant and the straps are almost indestructible.

One issue with the YETI Hopper is access to the pack through the zipper opening. While the Hydrolok zippers, a design borrowed from Hazmat suits, are fantastic at preventing leaks, the placement is awkward.

Yeti Hopper Cooler

If you can live with the sometimes difficult zipper opening, you won’t find a more durable high quality soft cooler than this one. We have found that ice stays cool and doesn’t melt for days on end.

It even has a cool bottle opener attached to it, perfect for your next camping trip.​

Overall, the YETI Hopper is a flexible, well-made piece of gear making it the best soft ice chest on my list.

2. Polar Bear Coolers 24 Pack Soft Cooler

Want to explore your real wild side while still having the option of a cool beverage at the end of your trek?

Polar Bear Coolers 24 Pack Soft Cooler

If so, the Polar Bear 24 Pack Soft Cooler might be the choice for you. With its camouflaged aesthetic and sturdy build, this cooler has great ice-retention and durability.

At a price point considerably lower than the Yeti Hopper listed above, we think you will like this excellent mid-range offering from Polar Bear.

Soft Sided Cooler Reviews

Something to be aware of is the capacity of the cooler. With ice inside you might struggle to fit in the advertised 24 pack load.

The tough nylon does make the Polar Bear a sound investment.

If you plan on frequent adventures and are a consumer looking for a good mid-level price, look no further than the Polar Bear 24 Pack.

3. RTIC 30 Soft Pack

Our favorite mid-range cooler on the list is the RTIC 30 Soft Pack.

RTIC 30 Soft Pack

Boasting ice retention of up to five days, a no-leak zipper, and a roomy inner, this is easily one of the best soft ice chests available online.

This cooler is a tank and well worth the higher price tag (still, much cheaper than the Yeti model).

Puncture resistant with a tough vinyl shell, the RTIC 30 Soft Pack is strong against even the smallest attacks, as it has an antimicrobial liner that prevents mildew.

Rtic Soft Cooler

Thankfully, it is UV and tear resistant as well.

The zipper can be a little tricky, but other charming design features such as the outer pocket for dry items, more than make up for it.

Yet another great soft cooler option, we think the everyday shopper will like this latest offering from RTIC.

4. IceMule Pro Coolers

At a slightly lower price, the IceMule Pro Cooler is another great mid-range choice.

IceMule Coolers Pro Coolers

In handy backpack form, it's also the most portable option on my list.

Why didn’t someone think of a cooler backpack before???

This is a great cooler for adventurers who want to stay light on their feet; a perfect fit for kayakers, concert-goers, and hikers.

Ice Mule Coolers

You won't find a badly sewn stitch on this bag as they clearly focus on quality. The patented molded design makes this lower cost cooler surprisingly well insulated.

Durable and with 24 hours ice-retention, this is a fantastic offering for people who want to stay mobile and still have ice-cold food and drinks at the end of the day.

For those looking for a nice mobile, backpacking cooler, check out the IceMule Pro Cooler by clicking the button below.

5. AO Coolers Canvas Soft Cooler

The budget option on my list is the Canvas Soft Cooler by AO Coolers. With a removable shoulder strap, this is also a great portable option.

AO Coolers Canvas Soft Cooler

With the lowest price of the five listed, there is a slight compromise on materials and construction.

The AO Cooler might not be the most durable ice chest on my list, but it's great for shorter, less frequent outings such as parties or trips to the beach.

This canvas cooler has a roomy main section and a side pocket for dry items. It also has a leak proof liner, which for the price, easily places it as one of the best soft sided coolers around.

It’s no wonder the AO Coolers Canvas received our “Best Value” pick in 2017.

Coleman 16-Can Soft Cooler

**Honorable Mention**

Before we conclude its worth having a quick look at the Coleman 16-Can Soft Cooler.

Coleman 16-Can Soft Cooler

Smaller than the other ice chests listed, this is a nifty little cooler that is great for half-day trips. It’s easy to clean, flexible and sports some nice side pockets for extra snacks.

At a very affordable price, this is a good starter cooler, or an extra pack for some snacks on route to your destination.

Check it out only if you are very limited on your budget and want to get the most affordable soft cooler on the market.

What’s The Best Soft Cooler Bag?

There are a lot of great products out there on the market but hopefully these soft cooler reviews have given you some pointers.

The abundance of choice works in your favor as you can select the best cooler for your type of trip.

Yeti (YHOP40T) 40 Field Hopper

High-end, thoughtfully designed, and well-constructed coolers like the YETI Hopper are going to set you back in the wallet, but will be durable and deliver on keeping your items cold for days.

Cheaper alternatives like the Polar Bear 24 pack have less ice-retention and may need to be replaced in time, but work perfectly if they are for lighter use and quick day trips.

Whichever soft ice chest you settle on, I'm sure a cool drink at the end of a long, hot day will be well worth the purchase.

Want to look beyond soft sided coolers?  We put together a legit, full post with the absolute best coolers available here.​

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