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Would You Survive a Zombie Apocalypse? [Infographic]

will you survive a zombie apocalypse


Want to know if you have what it takes to survive a zombie attack?  We actually had so much fun writing about this question that we decided to create an infographic.​

This Zombie Survival Guide Infographic seeks to answer the question, "Will you survive a Zombie Apocalypse?"  It's a visual representation that walks you through all the important information you need to know as to whether or not you are fit to survive the Zombie Apocalypse. 

Have a look at it below.  Keep in mind it is a lighthearted representation of a somewhat frightening topic!​

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Zombie Attack Survival Guide - Infographic

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Zombie Apocalypse Survival Weapons and Tools

It's important to have the right post apocalyptic clothing as you must have the proper zombie tools to fight off an invasion.  This is important zombie ​survival gear and zombie weapons, so don't take them lightly!

Here are a few of the zombie survival gear essentials.

  • Dry Survival Food
  • Cell Phone & Power Bank
  • First Aid Kit
  • Good Shoes
  • Zombie Weapons (Knife, Axe, Pepper Spray)
  • Flashlight
  • Lighter & Matches... Zombies hate fire.
  • GPS

How To Locate a Zombie

​They often say, you'll never find them.  But that is not necessarily true!  Remember this guide on how to locate a zombie and you'll be more than fit to find one.

Here's four things you can do to find a zombie.​

1) Ask Questions

Zombies don't talk. They don't understand the human language.  Ask questions and if you don't get an answer, that could be a good indication.​

2) Look For Blood

Zombies are not the cleanest of creatures. If they have done something, there will be marks.  Look for blood marks on their hands and body!

3) Zombies Don't Like Lights

They prefer to stay away from lights.  Use your flashlight and if they look scared, you just might have identified them.

4) Zombies Are Slow

Zombies are slow runners!  Test this one at your own risk

Where To Hide During A Zombie Attack

​It is crucial to seek out that perfect hiding spot to stay safe! Remember, help is on the way and the important thing is to stay alive.

Now, where should you hide?  Research has shown that these are the best places to hide.

  • Zoo - Zombies don't like animals. That's a good place to hide.
  • Under Water - Take your scuba gear and go under water. There is no conclusive evidence that zombies can swim.
  • Restaurants - Zombies don't eat. So they will probably avoid restaurants too!
  • Go to Asia - Zombies only attach onto North America!  You will be safe in Asia.

How To Fight A Zombie

The last option is to fight a zombie. You are human. But that doesn't mean you can't win. Here are 5 tips to increase your odds of victory.

Tip#1 - Don't Look Into the Zombies' Eyes

In Fact, don't ever look into the eyes of a zombie.  Some zombies have that hypnotizing power.

​Tip #2 - Hit & Run

Zombies can't run.  Use that against them and hit them with a zombie bat.  Throw stuff at them or hit them from behind and then run off. Let them come. They won't be able to catch you.

​Tip #3 - Use Lasers

Yes, you read that right! Not only cats,but zombies also hate lasers.  Lasers make them confused so use that power.

Tip #4 - Eat in Front of Them

Zombies can't eat. If you eat in front of them, they will be jealous and their jealousy will demoralize them.

​Tip #5 - Tell Happy Stories

Tell the funniest of stories to the zombies. If possible, use an air horn to do so!  Zombies don't like to be funny.  This will surely help.​

Extra Zombie Survival Tips Worth Considering​

Zombie Survival tips
  • Always Use Your Brain - You are smarter than them.  They don't have brains...
  • Firing Doesn't Work - So there is no point in shooting zombies.
  • Use a Drone to Watch Them From Above -  If you don't have a drone, get one now... They are totally cool.
  • Complete an Outdoor Survival Course - This can save your life.

​Do You Have What It Takes to Survive a Zombie Attack?

For those that have made it to the end, congratulations!  Would you survive a zombie apocalypse?  Is a real Zombie Apocalypse possible?  What does a zombie look like?  Only time will tell the answer to these questions.

zombie apocalypse survivals guide

We cannot say when will the Zombie Apocalypse happen.  

However, if it does, we have no doubt you have what it takes to outlast whatever comes your way!

How long would you survive in a Zombie Apocalypse?  Name something you know about zombies in the comments below.

Do You Have an Appetite for More Survival Gear?

If you are ready to get after it with new top of the line survival gear then check out our articles on the top military gear and the 5 best survival backpacks.  These 3 survival books will help you prepare for whatever comes your way!

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